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Jennifer Lopez's Crime Drama Just Added Ray Liotta And More

Jennifer Lopez is returning to a regular TV role for the first time since the early 1990s as the lead in NBC’s upcoming crime drama Shades of Blue, and she’s got some big stars joining her in all the corruption, including Ray Liotta and more.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casts Drea De Matteo As This Comic Book Character

When Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns next month, it will feature several high-profile guest stars appearing. Now added to that list is Sons of Anarchy’s Drea de Matteo, who will be allying herself with one of the show’s primary villains.

Why The Sons Of Anarchy Finale Might Be The Best Ever

Sons of Anarchy fans likely don’t need anyone stoking the flames of anticipation for the FX drama’s final episode ever, but one of the stars is raining praise on the final few episodes.

What Sons Of Anarchy's Drea De Matteo Is Taking From The Set

Drea De Matteo is one lucky TV actress, starring in not one but several fan-favorite TV shows that have resonated with viewers. Due to her popularity on HBO’s The Sopranos as well as FX’s more recent series Sons of Anarchy, Matteo has been able to take home some pretty sweet props over the years.

What James Gandolfini Did For His Sopranos Co-stars Who Were Screwed Out Of Money

According to his Sopranos co-star Drea de Matteo, James Gandolfini was a fierce champion for those he cared about, and he really cared about everyone he worked with on HBO’s hit show. He cared about them so much, he took money from his own pocket to help his co-workers when they were screwed out of some money by the subscription cable network.

Drea De Matteo Promoted To Series Regular For Sons Of Anarchy's Last Season

If you’re caught up on Sons of Anarchy through Season 6, news that Drea de Matteo is being upgraded to series regular for Season 7 shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. And if you’re not caught up, read no further because we’re about to get seriously spoilery! The Sopranos star has appeared in the show on and off since the start of the motorcycle drama’s run, but this is the first time she’s going to be a regular on the show.

Drea De Matteo To Return To Sons Of Anarchy In Season 6

Given the way things ended for Tara on Sons of Anarchy in Season 5 - major spoilers if you aren't caught up! - it's not entirely surprising to hear word that Drea de Matteo is returning to the series, yet again. Wendy is coming back, and considering her last run-in with Jax, I'm thinking tension will be at an all time high when she returns.

Californication Season 5 Preview: The Cast Answers Fan Questions

Hank Moody returns soon. Let's rejoice, shall we? It's been a tough and trying few months without Californication adding some much needed laughs to cap off the weekend. It's always comforting to know that you still have one more night to spend with Hank before heading off to our regular scheduled weekday lives. Returning soon for their fifth season, here's the cast answering some fan questions.

Drea de Matteo To Appear In CSI Miami

Drea de Matteo’s known for a number of roles, her biggest likely to be that of Adriana La Cerva in HBO’s The Sopranos. From the sound of the role she’s set to play in an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami, the stakes are as high as ever. You’ll get that more when you hear what she’ll be up to the CBS procedural.

Desperate Housewives Recap: The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues

Last night, I was sitting in LaGuardia airport waiting for the last flight to Detroit after a great weekend working in NYC. The flight was late – which made me miss the last flight out of Detroit to Fort Wayne, Indiana. So, while I was supposed to be watching Desperate Housewives, I was instead catching up with my fabulous husband

Sopranos Star Joins Desperate Housewives Cast

With the death of Nicolette Sheridan’s character Edie, Wisteria Lane is short one blonde bombshell to stir things up. Rumor has it, Edie’s replacement has been cast and will appear next season on Desperate Housewives. Who is it? I’ll give you a hint, “Chris-ta-fa!”

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