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How Willie Robertson Feels About Duck Dynasty Ending

A&E's smash hit Duck Dynasty is coming to an end in the not-too-distant future, and star Willie Robertson has some thoughts about how he feels regarding the show's end.

Duck Dynasty Is Involved In A Major Lawsuit, Here's What Happened

Duck Dynasty has been a huge hit for A&E, but there's trouble brewing behind the scenes that could put some folks in very hot water.

The Duck Dynasty Production Company Is Dealing With Some Shake-Ups

Duck Dynasty has been a huge success story for unscripted television, but the production company behind the series is in a bit of turmoil at the moment thanks to some shake-ups.

When Duck Dynasty Is Ending On A&E

At one point in its short but somehow still long history, A&E's Duck Dynasty was the most popular unscripted show on television. It was also A&E's highest rated program ever. And then the wheels came off.

A Duck Dynasty Star Is Joining Fox News

Duck Dynasty has definitely peaked in terms of popularity and some of the folks in the Robertson clan have started looking elsewhere for other work. That apparently includes Fox News.

Duck Dynasty Dramatically Falls In The Ratings

For a long time, Duck Dynasty was a hugely popular program on the A&E network, spurred by the Robertson clan, a crew of fun-loving Southerners known for their wild antics and strange sayings. Last fall, A&E had a bonafide hit on its hands, airing a fall premiere that broke records for the cable station.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Suspended Indefinitely After Controversial Interview

Phil Robertson, familial patriarch and star of A&E’s astoundingly successful and crazy-popular reality television series, Duck Dynasty has been indefinitely suspended from the program following a day of controversy. Robertson’s future on the series was put into question following an interview in GQ Magazine wherein the outspoken owner of the most popular duck call-makers denounced homosexuality in a very brusque and graphic manner — pissing quite a few people off in the process.

Duck Dynasty Season 4 Hitting Blu-ray And DVD In January

The Duck Dynasty clan has found its way into millions of hearts, and the new season of the show will soon be headed into homes. Lionsgate Home Entertainment is putting together Blu-ray and DVD releases for Duck Dynasty: Season 4. Unfortunately, the set won’t be out in time to buy a copy for someone as a holiday gift. Duck Dynasty: Season 4 will street on January 7.

Duck Dynasty's Season 4 Premiere Breaks Records

Season 4 of Duck Dynasty got underway on Wednesday night, following the resolution of a salary dispute that also locked in the Robertson clans for future seasons on A&E . It turns out the channel was smart to both offer more money to the Duck Dynasty clan and sign the group on for more episodes. Last’s night’s Season 4 premiere crushed in the ratings.

Duck Dynasty Season 4 Will Kick Off With One-Hour Premiere In August

A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty has finally earned a Season 4 premiere date. Fans have known the series would return to A&E’s lineup for a while, but some contract snafus prevented A&E from announcing an official return date for quite some time. Luckily, the turnaround from announcement to premiere won’t be too long. Season 4 of Duck Dynasty is already well into the throes of filming and will hit the schedule on August 14.

Duck Dynasty Ratings Swell In Season 3 Finale

New seasons of Duck Dynasty seem to pop up on A&E frequently. Despite this, the series is still pulling in a loyal following for new episodes. Season 3’s finale aired last night and pulled in higher ratings than any other program on A&E, ever. Last night’s finale did a 4.3 rating and pulled in 9.6 million total viewers—which is certainly enough to bring the series back for a fourth season.

Duck Dynasty: The Quack Is Back To Big Ratings

The Duck Dynasty cast is back in the saddle, or in camouflage, as it were. A&E’s hit reality series returned on Wednesday night for its Season 3 premiere and, as it turns out, an inflated number of viewers has now decided the series is worth a watch. In fact, 8.6 million total viewers signed on for last night’s episode of Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty: Season 2 Volume 1 Is Coming To DVD

I’m not really sure what makes A&E’s Duck Dynasty so compelling. Is it the rags to riches story? The absurdity that duck calls could bring in so much wealth? The ridiculous costumes and beards the Robertson family chooses? Whatever the reason, Duck Dynasty brings really nice ratings to the table, and fans can choose to bring Season 2 episodes into their own homes starting on March 5.

Duck Dynasty Season Finale Brings In 6.5 Million Viewers

If you have ever found yourself sitting in a room and wondering why networks like Lifetime, History, and A&E continually produce low budget reality series with wacky premises, the answer is not simply that they are cheap to produce, although I’m sure that is a factor. Occasionally, a low budget reality series will spread like wildfire, and currently, A&E is enjoying that sort of success with Duck Dynasty.

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