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Flowers In the Attic's Ellen Burstyn And Heather Graham To Return For Petals On the Wind

With more than six million viewers turning in for Lifetime's broadcast of the small screen adaptation of V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic, a sequel seems inevitable. In fact, the network announced that they were developing the followup for the story, based on Andrews' novel Petals on the Wind,

Comic Con: Visit The Jefferson Institute For A&E's Coma

A&E set up an entire Institute to tell you about the COMA 2 night television event this Labor Day. I took a jaunt over to the setup for A&E's Coma, a Tony and Ridley Scott produced sci-fi two night event that will air in September. It's based on a book, so said the very nice grandparents who elected to get the 3D tattoo I decided not to have placed on my neck (but, seriously, 3D neck tattoo? I almost caved).

Ellen Burstyn Joins USA's Political Animals As Sigourney Weaver's Mother

There’s been another great addition to the downright stellar cast being assemble for USA’s Greg Berlanti project, Political Animals. Ellen Burstyn, a multiple Oscar nominee with a win for Best Actress under her belt, has joined the cast to play Sigourney Weaver’s mother. This should be an interesting family dynamic.

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