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Why An Everybody Loves Raymond Revival Probably Won't Happen

Everybody Loves Raymond vet Bard Garrett has some bad news for anyone expecting that sitcom to get a revival soon.

The Middle Is Staging An Everybody Loves Raymond Mini-Reunion

Two iconic televisions comedies will cross paths yet again when The Middle hosts a small Everybody Loves Raymond reunion.

Everybody Loves Raymond Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix

Netflix has been busy increasing its original content lineup for the past couple of years, but the dirty little secret of having all of those original shows in the lineup is that Netflix has lost a lot of syndicated content.

Why Everybody Loves Raymond Never Got Its Planned Spinoff

If Everybody Loves Raymond creator Philip Rosenthal had his way, we'd have been watching even more family comedy from at least some of the characters from that show in a spinoff.

Everybody Loves Raymond's Doris Roberts, Dead At 90

Today is a sad one, as Everybody Loves Raymond actress Doris Roberts has passed away. There is never enough time to truly appreciate someone’s entertainment value, but Roberts thankfully got to show off her talents on both the small and the big screen for over five decades.

Everybody Loves Raymond Star Sawyer Sweeten Dies At 19

It’s always sad to hear when an actor or actress has died, but it’s especially heartbreaking when that actor or actress is only a teenager. Today, news broke that Sawyer Sweeten, who played one of the children on Everybody Loves Raymond, passed away. He was only 19 years old.

Everybody Loves Raymond Remake The Smiths Pilot In Development For BBC

It won't be the first time another country has remade Everybody Loves Raymond, but the latest attempt to take on Philip Rosenthal's CBS comedy may be the most buzzed about since the Russian remake gained attention stateside thanks to Exporting Raymond. The documentary chronicled the Russian attempt to adapt the comedy. British comedian and actor Lee Mack is tackling the U.K. adaptation of the series, which is in the works for BBC One.

Ray Romano Does Drama

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Ray and Everybody Loves Raymond’s writer-producer Mike Royce are joining forces to create a new drama that has been picked up by TNT.

The Clicker Goes On Vacation

As sitcom people are supposed to be regular people, it’s understandable that they’d want to get away every now and then. Sometimes their vacations take place off camera and are only referenced in passing. And then there are the vacations we get to see, when the characters leave home and head off to some scenic location for an episode or two.

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