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30 Rock Is Leaving Netflix, But It Already Has A New Streaming Home

It looks like 30 Rock is leaving Netflix at the end of the month, but the good news is that it will immediately find a new home on another streaming platform.

Do Face Off Contestants Keep Their Creations? Here's What Glenn Hetrick Says

Face Off's latest season hits Syfy soon, and judge Glenn Hetrick spoke with CinemaBlend about whether or not contestants get to hold onto the things they create for the show.

Why Face Off: All-Stars Is More Like Working On Actual Films, According To Glenn Hetrick

Face Off: All-Stars is making a change that will actually give contestants a more film-like experience, and series judge Glenn Hetrick was pumped about it in talking to CinemaBlend.

Face Off Season 7 Premiere Review: Big Twists Meet Robert Englund And A New Judge

For better or worse, Season 7 kicks things off in an unpredictable way by adding a new judge and some unneeded gimmicks to ramp up the pressure on the 16 contestants vying for the top prize.

Face Off Officially Renewed For Season 5

Between its strong ratings and the webseries offering an eliminated contestant from Season 4 the opportunity to win a spot in the series' fifth season (Face Off: Redemption), things were looking good for Syfy's special effects make-up competition series, Face Off's chances of renewal. The network passed along the official word on the series, and it will indeed be back for Season 5.

Face Off And Total Blackout Previews Show Panic, A Pig And A Time Crunch

Syfy will bring Face Off back for its third season tonight, bringing in a new set of talent special effects make-up artists all hoping to show off their skill and creativity in an effort to win a cash prize and advance their career in the art of creature creations. Also returning with new episodes tonight is Syfy's funny-scary game show Total Blackout. Check out previews for both series ahead!

Syfy Renews Face Off For Season 4

If you're a fan of Syfy's special effects make-up artist competition series Face Off, there's good news! The cable network has elected to renew the series for a fourth season, which will premiere in 2013. The reality competition show is currently in its third season and airs on Tuesday nights on Syfy.

Syfy Renews Face Off For Season 3

While Syfy’s programming doesn’t always fall under the textbook definition of science fiction, given how necessary special effects make-up artistry is to a lot of sci-fi film and television, Face Off is not only a fun and interesting look at the industry (with a competitive twist), but it’s also fitting to the genre. Fans of the series will be happy to know that there’s more to come as the network has given it an order for another season.

Face Off Season 2 Preview: Special-Effects Make-Up Artists Tackle The Wizard Of Oz

Those with an interest in the art of special-effects make-up will definitely want to tune in to Syfy tomorrow night. The network is set to bring Face Off back for its second season. The competition series has special-effects make-up artists competing against one another in various challenges.

Face Off Preview: Zombie Dance

The preview for this week’s episode of Face Off has me craving Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. It’s all about dancing zombies on tomorrow night’s episode and you can see some of the finished product in the video we have here.

Face Off Preview: Switched And Hitched

With a new week brings a new set of challenges for Syfy’s Face Off. Check out this clip we have from the special effects make-up competition series to see what’s to come for the remaining contestants.

Face Off Preview: Bad To The Bone

If you enjoyed last night’s episode of Face-Off, see what’s to come for the contestants next week in this video clip.

Face Off Preview: Out Of This World

Having recently caught an episode of Syfy’s new reality series Face Off, a remark like, “My arms look amazing. Her chest has seams on it bigger than the grand canyon” makes a lot more sense to me than it might have otherwise. Video ahead!

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