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RIP Neil Peart: Freaks And Geeks' Judd Apatow Gets Emotional Over Rush Drummer's Death

Neil Peart's death sparks an emotional reaction from Freaks and Geeks' Judd Apatow.

4 TV Shows That Deserve A Movie After Breaking Bad's El Camino

With the release of Downtown Abbey in theaters this weekend, along with the upcoming release of Netflix's El Camino, we're listing a few other popular TV shows that should get the movie treatment.

Freaks And Geeks Star Busy Philipps Says James Franco Was A Bully, Threw Her On The Ground

Busy Philipps shared an unpleasant story about James Franco from their time together on Freaks and Geeks.

The Teen Drama TV Stereotype All-Star Team

We believe we've assembled the definitive list of characters that would make for the ultimate teen drama.

One Freaks And Geeks Star Just Shot Down A Reunion

There have been plenty of calls for Freaks and Geeks to return, but one cast member is shutting it down.

The One Way Freaks And Geeks Could Return, According To Creator Paul Feig

With so many TV revivals, is it finally time for Freaks and Geeks to get the second chance it deserves?

Why Judd Apatow Isn't Interested In Doing More Freaks And Geeks

Judd Apatow spoke with CinemaBlend about why returning to Freaks and Geeks isn't something he's up for.

Why A Freaks And Geeks Reunion Wouldn't Work, According To Judd Apatow

TV nowadays is filled with all kinds of reboots and reunions, but Judd Apatow is pretty sure that Freaks and Geeks shouldn't make a comeback for a big reason.

These Awesome Freaks And Geeks Behind The Scenes Photos Will Give You All The Feels

While we probably can't expect Freaks and Geeks to ever return in any form, one of the show's stars unveiled some behind-the-scenes pictures that make us want to keep the dream alive anyway.

The Best TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

As Netflix has started to produce larger amounts of original programming, the number of TV shows and movies available on the service is certainly dwindling. However, the subscription streaming service still offers a slew of TV shows that have gotten good reviews and have avid audiences.

11 TV Shows That Would Be Perfect For Netflix To Bring Back

Cancellation nowadays doesn’t mean what it used to mean when it comes to TV. While it’s never exactly good news to hear that a favorite show has been axed by a network, hope is not lost so long as Netflix is out there as a possible savior. Here is a look at eleven TV shows that would be perfect for Netflix to bring back.

The One Thing Busy Philipps Regrets About Freaks And Geeks

There's plenty to regret when it comes to Freaks and Geeks. For fans, we have to regret that the show never got a second season and have only eighteen episodes available for rewatching. For actually Busy Philipps, her big regret from the show is much more personal.

The One Big Problem With A Freaks And Geeks Reunion, According To James Franco

One reunion that plenty of us would love to hear confirmed is of the cast of Freaks and Geeks coming together for another go at the series. According to original Freaks cast member James Franco, however, a reunion might not be possible for one big reason.

Will A Freaks And Geeks Reunion Happen? Here's What Judd Apatow Says

Reboots and reunions are the name of the game in showbiz nowadays. One TV show that is particularly hard not to want a reunion is the late lamented Freaks and Geeks. Executive Producer Judd Apatow has some news about possibly bringing the show back.

What Freaks And Geeks Season 2 Was Going To Be About

When TV shows are taken away from audiences before anyone but grimy network execs want them to go, there is almost always speculation about what might have happened in the next season. Here's how Freaks and Geeks Season 2 would have gone.

13 Shows NBC Should Be Embarrassed About Canceling

As a TV network that has existed for over 70 years, NBC has expectedly and understandably brought an end to plenty of shows that fans were pissed to see leaving. Here are 13 series that were too good to ever get canceled, much less canceled so early into their runs. And yes, Matthew Perry shows up.

James Franco Is Making A Saved By The Bell And Freaks And Geeks Mash-Up

Freaks and Geeks was one of those TV shows that has attained cult status since it was sent to an early television grave. It was the first time that we was many great actors and actresses that have since gone on to stardom. One of those actors was James Franco.

11 TV Characters That Need A Spinoff ASAP

With news that the Bud Bundy-centered Married…With Children spinoff is rolling along ever so slowly, we decided to look back at 11 other TV standouts whose lives we’d love to catch up with, mostly with the original actors taking on the roles of course.

The Freaks And Geeks Cast Is Reuniting, Get The Details

There aren’t many days when I get to type something as cool as the Freaks and Geeks cast is reuniting, but there it is. It’s been 15 years since the NBC drama finished its run, and in that time, the cast has gone on to numerous film and TV projects. Now, the cast is coming back together.

10 Great TV Shows That Should Have Gotten More Than One Season

They are animated programs, coming of age programs, and everything running the gamut in between. These are shows that have stuck with us long after their 12-episode, 22-episode or whatever episode runs have ended and that we wish could come back for one last hurrah.

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