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Hell On Wheels' Creators Have A Badass New Show In The Works

Hell on Wheels was the place to be on the small screen for Western action for years. Now, the creators have a new show in the works that could be just as intriguing.

12 Big TV Shows That Aren't Coming Back This Fall

There were a lot of shows with avid fanbases that still got the axe or---best case scenario---ended a lengthy run. If you are wondering whether or not your favorite show will return this fall, this is the list for you.

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This month, the awesome CinemaBlend staff is putting together the lists of the shows we feel have really stood out from the pack in 2014. Everyone’s list is different, so if you don’t see you favorites here, be sure to check back in and take a look at our other TV writer and editor best of list that will be hitting the homepage over the next few weeks.

Exclusive Hell On Wheels Clip: Watch Cullen Plan His Escape!

Hell on Wheels has often been a thoughtful show, but one week into Season 4, its undertones are a little more family-oriented. We’ve seen what lead Cullen Bohannon has been willing to do to avenge the violence enacted against his own clan, but we haven’t really seen him take on the role of father, advisor and protector before. In this exclusive clip from tomorrow’s episode, courtesy of AMC, we see a more tender side to the railroad leader.

Hell On Wheels Preview: The Railroad Gang Takes On Cheyenne

It seems as if the city of Cheyenne will become almost a character this season. In addition to the hotel we saw last year, the bustling metropolis will now boast a casino, a bar, a railroad office, a bank, a freight depot, a train station and more.

Turn Renewed For Season 2 On AMC

In a somewhat surprising move, AMC has renewed Turn this week. The Revolutionary War drama has a killer premise and an excellent cast, but it failed to gain a ton of traction during its first season at the cable network. Still, it looks like AMC saw enough promise in Turn to sign on for a second season of the drama, which stars Jamie Bell, Heather Lind and Kevin McNally.

Better Call Saul Set For November, Spy Thriller 'Turn' Trailer, Breaking Bad On Netflix And Other AMC Updates

Jamie Bell and Seth Tumrich are looking ready for a revolution in the above promotional photo for AMC’s promising looking upcoming spy thriller Turn. And that’s just one of numerous tidbits the cable channel shared in anticipation of their 2014 programming slate. AMC also announced a number of release dates — or release timeframes — for their new and returning shows, including the return of Mad Men...

Hell On Wheels Shuts Down Production Due To Calgary Floods

Like plenty of other small screen programs, AMC’s Hell on Wheels has opted to shoot in Canada. The Calgary-based program is set to return to the schedule for an action-packed Season 3 premiere on August 3. However, recent and major floods on set may make it harder for the show to finish shooting Season 3 for a while. The show was busy filming last week when floods overtook the set, causing production to shut down.

2013 Summer TV Premiere Schedule: Breaking Bad, The Hero, Under The Dome & More

The summer TV season has begun, as most of the Midseason series have wrapped up and we're starting to see the networks roll out their summer offerings. Once upon a time, summer was the down season for TV, but in this day and age, cable and network television offer a nice variety of scripted and unscripted programming to fill the gap between spring and fall.

Hell On Wheels Gets A Season 3 Premiere Date On AMC

AMC’s western Hell on Wheels had a little trouble getting back on its feet after losing its co-creators and showrunner John Shiban at the end of Season 2. The network still liked the program enough to find people to fill the gaps and bring the series back for Season 3, however. The series is set to return this summer, and it will do so on Saturdays.

Hell On Wheels' Season 3 Put On Hold After Showrunner John Shiban Resigns

Some big changes need to go down on the set of AMC’s Hell on Wheels before fans will see new episodes of Season 3 on the network. Showrunner John Shiban has resigned from his position on the western drama with the railroad bent. The news comes only a short time after co-creators Joe and Tony Gayton have dropped to a consulting role in the series. Due to Shiban’s decision, AMC has opted to put Hell on Wheels on hold until further notice.

FlixWorthy: Netflix Has Hell On Wheels, Amazon Has Fringe, And More

Welcome back to FlixWorthy, your guide to Netflix streaming...and more. To help you navigate the new and notable streaming releases, each new installment of FlixWorthy will highlight new and/or notable releases on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. This week we took a look at AMC's Hell on Wheels, Fox's Fringe, and Morgan Spurlock's "A Day In The Life."

Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere Date Set, AMC Sets Return Date For Hell On Wheels

I doubt I'm alone in having been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to begin the countdown for the fifth and final season of AMC's excellent drama series Breaking Bad. Of course, it's kind of hard to start a countdown when you don't have a set date to look forward to. AMC has rectified this situation by announcing the Season 5 premiere date for Breaking Bad, as well as the second season premiere date for their western drama Hell on Wheels. And then there's the new program coming to the network, Small Town Security.

Hell On Wheels' The Swede Christopher Heyerdahl Headed To True Blood

Dark roles seem to be a recurring thing for Canadian actor Christopher Heyerdahl. Known to Twilight fans as one of the Volturi, to Sanctuary fans as John Druitt/Bigfoot, to Supernatural fans as Alastair, and to Hell on Wheels fans as “The Swede,” Heyerdahl will be seen in fangs (again) when he appears in the fifth season of HBO’s True Blood.

AMC Renews Hell On Wheels For Season 2

AMC has slowly been building a collection of original dramas over the last few years and so far, all but one has gone on to a second season, if not further (yet). It looks like its newest series is set to follow suit as word has it that the cable network’s western drama Hell on Wheels has been renewed for a second season.

Hell On Wheels Preview: Elam And Cullen Fight

Based on what we have to show you from this Sunday night's episode of Hell on Wheels, Common’s character Elam is frustrated by the working conditions, which causes things to get heated. You'll see some of that in the preview clip we have to show you and based on the photos we have to show you, he’s up for a fight.

Hell On Wheels: Meet The Swede

Tonight’s episode of Hell on Wheels introduced us to a very interesting character. The non-Swedish “Swede” delivered an excellent but somewhat unnerving performance, sitting with Cullen and talking numbers as it pertained to his experiences in the war.

AMC's Western Drama Hell On Wheels Gets Off To A Good Start

AMC’s new western drama Hell on Wheels rolled into town last night following The Walking Dead and offered another helping of violence, gore and intriguing drama for viewers. In the process, the network nabbed the title of second-most-watched series premiere, fittingly following The Walking Dead.

Hell On Wheels Preview: Common's Character Elam Sets His Boundaries

In less than a week, AMC will premiere their new series Hell on Wheels. We have a clip from the premiere episode, which does a nice job of illustrating the times the characters were living in.

New Hell On Wheels Trailer And Character Photos

AMC isn’t being shy about their upcoming new series Hell on Wheels. With Breaking Bad wrapped up for another season, The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels are two big reasons to keep AMC on the radar in the coming months. The network released a new trailer for the western drama, plus we have some excellent character photos to share with you.

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