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The Top 10 Horror TV Series Of 2014

As a genre fanatic, it’s a dream come true to be able to bring together this Top 10 horror series without exhausting every current example on TV. Find out if you agree with my top ten, or if the killer clowns and cannibals should come and get me.

In The Flesh Season 2: A Look Back And A Look Ahead

For those unfamiliar with In The Flesh, the post-zombie series is a BBC drama which airs on BBC America in the U.S. If you didn’t get on board for the first round, or need a bit of a refresher course, here’s a look at what you missed during In The Flesh’s short first season, and what you should be looking forward to.

Zombie Drama In The Flesh Season 2 Premiere Date Set For May

Those eagerly awaiting the second season of In the Flesh will be happy to know the zombie drama now has an official premiere date for BBC America. It looks like the network is aiming to pair In the Flesh with Orphan Black on Saturday nights, though In the Flesh will premiere a few weeks after the clone drama arrives.

Watch The First 3 Minutes Of BBC America's In The Flesh

Just when you think there’s no more room for zombie content in the universe, the universe makes room for some more of those slovenly and mostly unloveable infected specimens of humanity. BBC America is set to bring the popular British mini In The Flesh stateside, and fans who are excited about the series can check out the brand new 3-minute teaser of the first few minutes of the series.

In The Flesh Gets A New Premiere Date On BBC America

BBC America frequently relies on imports to bring in the big ratings, with the newest import being a miniseries called In The Flesh. Now, the network has announced the official release schedule for the new series, which will premiere on BBC America on Thursday, June 6, a couple of months earlier than was previously announced.

In The Flesh And Being Human Get Summer Premiere Dates On BBC America

Following BBC America’s premiere of Orphan Black as part of the Supernatural Saturday lineup, the network has announced this summer’s Supernatural Saturday premieres. This includes the final season of Being Human and a BBC drama production co-produced by BBC America called In the Flesh.

BBC Three Zombie Drama In The Flesh Gets Its First Trailer

With The Walking Dead getting massive ratings at AMC, it was only a matter of time before other networks would create their own zombie series and BBC Three has just released the first trailer for the three-part drama called In The Flesh. Looking like a perfect mix of 28 Days Later and Warm Bodies, the mini-series follows a dead teenager's reintegration back into his former community and his still living family. Watch the new spot and "Enter Kieren's world"...

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