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Watch Jimmy Fallon's Emotional Tribute To His Mom During Tonight Show Return

Jimmy Fallon shared a heartwarming story with the audience on his return to The Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show Cancelled Tapings After Jimmy Fallon's Mother Died

The Tonight Show won't be new for a short while as host Jimmy Fallon mourns.

Why Jimmy Fallon Doesn't Get Political On The Tonight Show

While many late night hosts shoot for political topics, here's why Jimmy Fallon is still the odd man out.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Interrupt The This Is Us Cast As A Sound Guy Who Can't Stop Sobbing

Crying and This Is Us is nothing to be ashamed of, unless you're a crew member ruining a scene.

Why Returning To SNL Is Still So Nerve-Wracking, According To Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon talked about how they still get nervous when they're back in front of Saturday Night Live audiences.

10 Snubs From The 2017 Emmy Nominations

All the new shows and nominees mean that some more expected Emmy noms were slighted. Here are the ten biggest snubs from this year's Emmy Nominations.

Watch Dave Chappelle's Hilarious Surprise Appearance On The Tonight Show

Chappelle was back on NBC last night when he surprised the audience during a sketch on The Tonight Show, and things got silly real quick.

Stephen Colbert's Ratings Win Streak Finally Came To An End

Stephen Colbert's late night reign has come to an end. Will it be temporary?

How Jimmy Fallon Really Feels Now About That Donald Trump Interview

Jimmy Fallon infamously gave a rather soft interview with then-candidate Donald Trump back in 2016. Now, the Tonight Show host has weighed in on what happened and what he'd do differently.

Watch Kaley Cuoco Sing The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

Kaley Cuoco's skills were put to the test on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon when a fan asked her to sing the theme song to the series. Check out how she did.

Watch Jay Leno Take Over The Tonight Show Monologue From Jimmy Fallon

Last night's episode of The Tonight Show brought back familiar face Jay Leno for a particularly effective monologue, complete with ribald humor.

Saturday Night Live Is Making A Big Change For The Rest Of Season 42

It's been a big past year for Saturday Night Live, and to keep that momentum rolling, the sketch comedy staple has announced a pretty big change for Season 42's remaining episodes.

The Big Change The Tonight Show May Make Because Of Stephen Colbert's Ratings

The late night wars are seemingly getting heated again, and Jimmy Fallon is apparently changing things up on The Tonight Show.

The Late Night Ratings War Is Suddenly Heating Up

The late night game is heating up, at least in terms of where viewers are heading to catch their talk shows. Here's what is happening.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Cuddle A Sloth On The Tonight Show

There's something about sloths that is so intriguing and plenty of celebrities are on board with the adorable creatures, including Kristen Bell, who notably cried over one.

Watch The Roots Hilariously Reenact A Ridiculous Scene From The Bachelor

During the most recent episode, there was some drama between contestants Corinne and Taylor leading into an intense conversation between the two women about their issues after one woman interrupted another.

The Strange Way Jimmy Fallon Prepared For The Golden Globes, According To Questlove

Jimmy Fallon hosted last night's 74th Annual Golden Globes ceremony, and he had a little help from his The Tonight Show pal Questlove, who took over musical duties for the event.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Wing It When His Teleprompter Broke During The Golden Globes

Jimmy Fallon took the stage as host of the 74th Golden Globes, and he had to improvise right off the bat when his teleprompter failed him. Take a look!

2017 Golden Globes: TV Winners Updated Live

Tonight should be a pretty big night for TV and movies, and in TV the categories are extremely varied and exciting, including newcomers like This is Us and Stranger Things, and far fewer longtime favorites.

Watch Denzel Washington Get Hilariously Dramatic Reading Greeting Cards

Denzel Washington delivered some seriously dramatic greeting card readings on The Tonight Show, and it was absolutely hilarious.

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