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Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Emotional Monologue About His Baby Son's Medical Scare

Jimmy Kimmel took a break from joke-telling on Monday night's episode to tell an emotionally harrowing story about his infant son's medical emergency.

The Hilarious Reason That Wheel Of Fortune Contesant Guessed Popsicle Bike

Remember the Wheel of Fortune contestant who guessed "Popsicle Bike," even though that's not a thing that exists? Here's what went into that answer.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Emotional Tribute To Don Rickles

The passing of Don Rickles has touched the world of Hollywood in a huge way, but few took it as hard as Jimmy Kimmel, who gave a fabulous tribute to the comedian on his talk show.

Watch The Hilarious Golden Girls Parody From Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel did a fantastic Golden Girls spoof with the cast of HBO's Girls. Check it out.

How Alec Baldwin Figured Out His Donald Trump Impression

By now Alec Baldwin's Saturday Night Live impression of Donald Trump is almost as well-known as the President himself. Of course, Alec Baldwin didn't know how popular his Donald Trump impression ultimately would become.

How Well Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars Did In The Ratings

Last night, the Oscars were all over the board. From fun Justin Timberlake performances, random fans getting to meet celebrities and candy raining from the ceiling, most of the night that didn't involve that major flub proved to be pretty fun.

How ABC Will Handle Replacing Jimmy Kimmel's Post-Oscars Special

With Jimmy Kimmel hosting this year's Oscars, that means he won't be able to do a post-show special. ABC just solved that problem, though, with a huge network star.

The Late Night Ratings War Is Suddenly Heating Up

The late night game is heating up, at least in terms of where viewers are heading to catch their talk shows. Here's what is happening.

Why Jimmy Kimmel Might Leave Late Night TV

Jimmy Kimmel has been a late night staple for quite a long time on ABC. He's hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC since 2003 and has been a big competitor when facing off against The Late Show and The Tonight Show---both older brands.

Watch Matt Damon Dress Up Like Tom Brady To Sneak Onto Jimmy Kimmel Live

Matt Damon has tried all kinds of tactics in order to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! over the years. The a-list actor has had a notorious feud with Jimmy Kimmel for years, and Kimmel refuses to let Matt Damon actually get interviewed on the show.

Watch NFL Players Read Mean Tweets Just In Time For The Super Bowl

Ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl, some of the NFL's best sat down to face Twitter head on, and the results were almost shamefully hilarious. Check it out!

Watch Miranda Lambert Read The Meanest Tweet On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This country music edition of "Mean Tweets" actually features some pretty funny comments, but also one particularly mean barb directed right at country music singer Miranda Lambert's forehead

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tell His Own Kid He Ate Her Halloween Candy

This year, however, Jimmy Kimmel actually took his young daughter trick-or-treating for the first time. The next day, he joined other parents in the time-honored tradition of lying to them about eating their candy.

President Obama Read Mean Tweets One Final Time And Got In Some Epic Digs

Last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured one very famous guest. President Obama is making the interview rounds before leaving office at the end of his term, and Kimmel was able to convince him to sit down for a second round of "Mean Tweets."

Who Dressed Ken Bone For The Debate, According To Ken Bone

Ken Bone became famous for wearing a fuzzy red sweater to the Presidential Debate on Sunday, and the man joined Jimmy Kimmel via video from St. Louis on Monday night to talk about being a viral hit and, of course, his wardrobe.

Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith Has The Perfect Response To Jimmy Kimmel Taking Her Emmy

During last night's Emmys, host Jimmy Kimmel took jabs at all manner of celebrities, and some of his most absurd jokes were aimed at Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith. The actress had the perfect response to his award-nabbing ways.

The 8 Best Jokes From The 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards

During the 68th Annual Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel was on fire, taking not only lead actors but even producers to task in a way that was both amusing and a little edgier than usual. Still, Jimmy Kimmel wasn't the only person who threw some unexpected jokes at us during tonight's broadcast.

The 2016 Emmys' 6 Biggest WTF Moments

Tonight's telecast of the 68th Emmy Awards was no different from those of years past, and there was no shortage of WTF moments. Here were 6 of those more unpredictable instances.

Watch Matt Damon Make Fun Of Jimmy Kimmel For Losing At The Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have had a feud going for more than a decade now, and Kimmel usually gets the last word thanks to his nightly hosting gig on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Matt Damon got the chance to fire back at the 68th Emmys, and he didn't hold back.

Watch The Stranger Things Kids Ride In To Deliver Sandwiches At The Emmys

Check out an adorably hilarious video of the Stranger Things kids as they help Jimmy Kimmel hand out sandwiches to the attendees of the 2016 Emmy Awards.

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