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Nathan Fillion Can't Stop, Won't Stop Teasing A Firefly Reunion

Nathan Fillion is up to something, but won't explicitly say he's plotting a Firefly reunion. When will these teases end?

Nathan Fillion Teases Possible Firefly Reboot In New Reunion Photo

Three of Firefly's starring actors recently reunited, and Nathan Fillion is already teasing possible reboot rumors.

Is Buffy Meant To Be With Spike Or Angel? Here's What Sarah Michelle Gellar Says

For a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, it's the only question that matters: Angel or Spike? Sarah Michelle Gellar throws her two cents into the eternal debate with her own vampire boyfriend preference.

How Buffy's Cast Feels About Doing A Revival

Anytime a Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast member shows up, someone is there to talk about a revival, and while it seems like a no-brainer to fans, the cast has varying opinions about it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Angel Are Getting Kicked Off Netflix

Many times I've wrestled with whether to dive into a new film or series offered by Netflix, only to once again dive into an old standby I know won't let me down. In times of doubt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Buffy The Vampire Slayer gang ease my mind when I'm too scared to commit to a series, and now those days are coming to an end.

Why Buffy Mastermind Joss Whedon Is Wary Of TV Reboots

It's officially been 20 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer first came to the small screen. In an age where every show that maintains that type popularity is getting a reboot, Joss Whedon isn't so sure about bringing back any of his shows.

Why No One Thought Buffy The Vampire Slayer Would Be A Huge Hit

Buffy quickly became a trademark of 90's culture, and has enjoyed a rabid cult following that is still very active today. But did the folks behind the camera know how successful the show would be?

The Amazing Way Joss Whedon Decided One Buffy Character's Fate In The Finale

Joss Whedon gained a reputation for killing off characters in especially heartbreaking ways. As it turns out, he used a pretty unique way to decide whether or not one Buffy character would die.

Angel Vs Spike: Who Buffy Was Better With, According To Joss Whedon

The debate has raged on for well over a decade, and now Joss Whedon himself has finally weighed in

Which Cancelled TV Show Has The Biggest Cult Following, According To IMDB

The brightest stars always burn out the quickest. Check out which cancelled TV show has the biggest cult following based on IMDB user ratings.

Is Joss Whedon Directing A Flash And Supergirl Crossover Episode?

In addition to the massive four series DC/CW crossover event, Supergirl and The Flash will also have their own adventure but with a twist: it will be a musical episode. Now we have an idea of who may direct the event.

The A-List Director That Grant Gustin Really Wants For The Flash

Grant Gustin recently revealed one particular A-list director that he would love to have the chance to work with on the third season of The Flash. It's a doozy.

What Joss Whedon Would Need To Work On Doctor Who

Joss Whedon has made a name for himself working on a lot projects in the realms of sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes, so would he ever work on an episode of Doctor Who? Here's what he said.

Why Joss Whedon Is Really Pissed About Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

The series which was first framed for TVs of its original slayer generation has now been cropped, brightened, and re-colored by 20th Century Fox as a HD version, and Joss Whedon is not happy.

7 Science Fiction Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Science fiction and television should, technically speaking, be in perfect harmony. Science fiction deals with what-if scenarios, which have played out beautifully in such classic pulp science magazine as Galaxy, Astounding Science Fiction and Fantasy & Science Fiction. Television, on the other hand, thrives when it exploits serial storytelling, and is perfect for the anthology series.

Joss Whedon Delivers More Buffy The Vampire Slayer... On A Napkin

Sometimes, when you put a wish out into the Tweetverse, it comes true. Such was the case for one Buffy the Vampire Slayer whose Tweet caught the attention of series creator Joss Whedon. They asked for more Buffy, Whedon delivered. Kind of. The Avengers director responded with this stick-figure illustration, which offers of a bit of the best of Buffy...

Jed Whedon Says Dr. Horrible Sequel Already Has Songs And A Plot, It Will Exist... Someday

The Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog sequel will exist! That is the promise made by web series co-creator Jed Whedon. The Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. executive producer gave Dr. Horrible fans an update on the status of the project, assuring people that it will happen. When? That's not entirely clear at this point.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Promises To Bring 'Urgency' Back To Television

That "urgency" issue is a major one for every TV network, where they're competing with more forms of entertainment than ever and having a hard time convincing viewers to actually watch the shows at the appointed time, and not save it for later (with the added benefit of fast-forwarding through commercials). Recent hits like Scandal have benefited from Twitter-engaged audiences, eagerly talking about the show's plot developments in real time

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Teaser Glimpses 7 Seconds Of Thrilling Footage

That was seven seconds of thrilling footage, and there's going to be plenty more where that came from. We learned last week that ABC gave Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a series order for their 2013-2014 season. Hopefully we'll get to see some clips or a full trailer, especially with the network upfronts set to take place this week. In the meantime, we got a quick but exciting glimpse of the series in the teaser above. Nothing says "Joss Whedon was here" quite like action, fierce female characters and Agent Coulson on a mission!

Joss Whedon Tells SXSW Crowd How He'll Bring Coulson Back From The Dead

A Joss Whedon Q-and-A has to have three specific elements if it’s going to be deemed successful. There must be a softball question that allows Nathan Fillion the chance to confirm his seat at the head of Whedon’s cool-kid table. There must be a teary fan thanking Whedon for … well, for being Whedon. (Today’s example was a weeping woman who stood in line since 1 a.m. for the chance to tell Joss that Buffy gave her someone to look up to...

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