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What It Was Like Having Sylvester Stallone On The Set Of This Is Us, According To One Star

A star of This Is Us shares what it's like to have Sylvester Stallone on set.

How SNL's The Californians Sketch Came Together

Saturday Night Live has produced plenty of running gags the bring the laughs week in and week out. One of the most bizarrely entertaining was the Californians soap opera sketch. Now, Bill Hader has revealed how the premise for the sketch came together.

The Incredible Prop Aaron Paul Took From Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul may have left Jesse Pinkman behind when Breaking Bad came to an end back in 2013, but he didn't leave everything behind. In fact, he's now the proud owner of an incredible prop from the set that has to be one-of-a-kind.

What Will Ferrell Did For His Last SNL Pitch

I’ve already always wished I could be a fly on the wall in the Saturday Night Live writing room to see how the seeds of ideas begin to come together and germinate into something meaningful and hopefully really funny.

Watch Melisandre Open Up About Jon Snow's Fate

Game of Thrones has a rabid fan base who have been debating the fate of Jon Snow since the Season 5 finale. On a recent episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, the red woman herself Melisandre appeared in a sketch and chimed in on what Snow-gate.

That Time Anthony Anderson Farted Mid-Take On Law & Order

We’ve all done it. Held and held and held a fart, to varying degrees of success. However, most of us haven’t let out the fart in the middle of the taping of a show as prominent as Law & Order.

Watch Alison Brie Talk About Peeing All Over Her Vintage Mad Men Undergarments

Alison Brie has filmed a ton of projects, but only one of those roles put her into vintage undergarments. That gig was Mad Men, the AMC series set primarily in the 1960s. Obviously, Brie was in vintage garments for most of her time on set, but early on she didn’t know all of the finer points of wearing the odd underclothing.

Seth Meyers Is Going To Be On The Air For A Lot Longer

There have been a lot of shakeups in late night television in recent years, so, it’s good to know that someone in late night will be sticking around for a while longer. It looks like Seth Meyers will be sticking with NBC for a bit.

Jimmy Fallon Just Keeps Getting More Popular

The late night schedule was shaken up a little this fall after David Letterman left and Stephen Colbert took over the reigns on The Late Show. Sometimes newcomers manage to shake up the game, but a few months in to the fall schedule, it looks like Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show are going to remain king.

The Really Weird Things Breaking Bad Fans Have Asked Jesse Plemons To Do

We all probably tell ourselves that we would exhibit adroit social skills when meeting a beloved celebrity, but there are a lot of people out there who are not so mentally sharp in the heat of the moment. Jesse Plemons knows this.

Why Louis C.K. Apologized To Sarah Palin At SNL 40

A lot of people were a part of last year’s SNL 40 anniversary special last year and a lot of people brought up stories from the set after the big event happened. Recently, former Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin revealed her own story from her big night over at Studio 8H.

Watch Kenan Thompson Talk About The Strange Advice He Got From Bill Cosby

The entire world has a very different view of Bill Cosby today than they did a couple of years ago. It’s actually a little odd then that Saturday Night Live”s Kenan Thompson had an experience with Cosby that actually makes more sense now.

Watch Will Forte Share The Grossest Saturday Night Live Prank Ever

Pranks are a tried and true Hollywood tradition. Some of today’s biggest stars are known as much for their propensity for pranks as their performances on screen. Will Forte apparently likes the occasional prank, but we can’t help but think he’s not always clear on what a prank is.

Watch What Happens When J.J. Abrams Accidentally Sends Seth Meyers A Real Lightsaber

What do you think would happen if J.J. Abrams sent a real life lightsaber to a life long fan of the Star Wars franchise? Well, according to Late Night with Seth Meyers, it goes exactly how you might think it would.

Watch Amy Poehler And Seth Meyers In A Brand New Really Sketch

Seth Meyers may be a late night host, now, but he has a lot of connections to the world of Saturday Night Live, and sometimes he revisits his SNL days with guests. Last night, Amy Poehler showed up on the series and we got our first taste of “Really with Seth and Amy” in years.

Watch Maya Rudolph Bust Out A Spot-On Rachel Dolezal Impression

For every former cast member of Saturday Night Live, there are tons of celebrities and other personalities that the public would love to see the performers return to impersonate. In this case, it's Maya Rudolph doing Rachel Dolezal.

Watch Louis C.K. Explain The Filthiest Joke He Ever Wrote For Conan

While Louis C.K. is now an actor and producer starring in his own stand-up specials, as well as FX’s Louie, that wasn’t always so. On last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedian recounted the filthiest joke he ever managed to get on the air while working for Conan O’Brien.

Watch Jada Pinkett Smith Talk About Hot Dudes And Will Smith's Sex Scenes

Will Smith may be in the spotlight right now with his recent success in the film Focus co-starring Margot Robbie, but that doesn’t mean that his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith can’t share some spotlight too.

The Hilarious Reason Matthew Perry Almost Said No To Friends

Matthew Perry is an actor who, despite many genuine attempts, hasn’t been able to pull his career out of the shadow of the hit comedy Friends, so it’s extremely interesting to know that Perry was one terrible series order away from completely missing out on playing Chandler Bing.

Watch Jason Sudeikis As A Sad Juggler In This Rejected SNL Sketch

Seth Meyers is a pretty good interview, but last night he stepped away from the desk to bring us a brand new “Second Chance Theater” sketch, this time bringing in Jason Sudeikis to highlight an SNL segment that never made it to the live show.

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