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Lisa Kudrow Is Reuniting With Friends' Co-Creator On Netflix

Did somebody say Friends reunion?! No? Ok, this isn't quite the team-up of our dreams, but it's still pretty great.

The Worst Thing One Friends Actor Said To Lisa Kudrow

Regardless, things weren't always an A+ on set. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Kudrow revealed the worst thing she heard on the set of Friends. Here's what went down.

A Friends Reunion? Here's What Lisa Kudrow Thinks

Fans of the, now classic, NBC sitcom Friends have been wondering for years if we'd ever get a reunion. Now, cast member Lisa Kudrow has weighed in on the issue.

Watch Courteney Cox And Lisa Kudrow Test Their Friends Knowledge On Celebrity Name Game

Friends was on the air for 10 years and lives on around the world in syndication. Now, we get a chance to see how well two cast members remember their own show. Take a look!

Friends Almost Let Joey And Phoebe Have The Best Sex Joke Ever

When we think of the epic romances of NBC's classic sitcom Friends, we think Ross and Rachel. We think Chandler and Monica. If it's an off day, we might even think Joey and Rachel. But what about that dynamic duo of the group who never hopped, skipped, and/or jumped into bed together?

Watch The One Where Lisa Kudrow And Taylor Swift Sing 'Smelly Cat' Together

Taylor Swift has been bringing onstage a slew of celebrities during her big 1989 Tour, including other musicians, TV personalities and even sports figures. This week, the singer totally outdid herself, however, when she invited an extremely famous TV character onstage.

Web Therapy Has Been Canceled By Showtime

If you’ve wondered where the hell Showtime has been hiding the computer-based comedy Web Therapy, wonder no longer. The Lisa Kudrow-created series has been canceled after four seasons. If only we could complain to Fiona Wallace.

Will The Comeback Season 3 Happen? Here's What Lisa Kudrow Has To Say...

The last episode of The Comeback's belated comeback aired last night, leading us to wonder if we'll see more of Valerie Cherish? HBO listed the episode as the season finale, leaving out the word series. Is there a chance we'll see a Season 3? Lisa Kudrow commented on the topic, and it sounds like she's up for it.

Watch Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow Curse At One Another On Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel’s not the late night Jimmy who is most known for putting together games. However, he does have one excellent game, “Celebrity Curse Off,” and last night he convinced former Friends actresses Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow to get in on the action.

Previously On The Comeback: 5 Things To Remember Before Valerie Cherish Comes Back Again

The Comeback returns this Sunday night and with it, the return of Valerie Cherish, Lisa Kudrow's hilarious, fame-seeking character.

The Comeback Trailer Has Valerie Cherish Seeing Red

In a matter of weeks, Valerie Cherish returns! HBO has been teasing us of the Comeback comeback for a while now, and this week, we finally have an actual trailer, which fills in a few more blanks about what this limited series will be about. Check it out!

Watch Lisa Kudrow Do A Bad Al Pacino Impersonation In Latest Preview For The Comeback

Well, one thing is clear, Valerie Cherish does a terrible Al Pacino impersonation. The latest teaser for The Comeback has Lisa Kudrow's TV Star character spontaneously quoting The Godfather, only she doesn't seem to recall what movie the line is from. And her Pacino impression isn't very good. But that's kind of what we love about Valerie. Her kind of funny is always just a little bit off.

Friends Stars Reunite For Sexed-Up Jimmy Kimmel Live Skit

There was a mini Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, with Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow reprising their sitcom roles for a bit of Kimmel’s fan fiction.

The Comeback Photo Shows Valerie And Mickey Together Again

It's our first official look at The Comeback's Valerie Cherish! Standing next to her BFF/hairdresser Mickey (Robert Michael Morris), Lisa Kudrow's character looks like she might be having her picture taken. That's just a guess, based on the way she's holding her sunglasses, like she just took them off, and the arm and back that's to us in the frame.

Valerie Cherish Unveils The Comeback's New Twitter With A Quick, Funny Video

It's not like we didn't believe The Comeback's comeback was really happening, but this brief and amazingly teasy video of Valerie Cherish announcing her new Twitter page via cell phone cam brings the reality of The Comeback's second coming to life. Valerie Cherish is back! And she has a new Twitter, which Valerie seems to think is unnecessary because she already has "like... 800 followers..."

The Comeback's 6-Episode Comeback Is Confirmed, HBO Announces Plot Clues And Cast

HBO made it official today. The Comeback is coming back. This news was already more or less confirmed, but Valerie Cherish needs to know that she's being heard, and what better way to ensure than than with an official announcement from HBO? The announcement not only confirms that The Comeback will return for a 6-episode limited series this fall, and that Kudrow will reprise her role as the lovable and "ironically self-unaware" (Kudrow's words) Valerie Cherish

Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback Reportedly Set For A 6-Episode Return

There's been talk of a comeback for Lisa Kudrow's excellent but unfortunately short-lived 2005 HBO comedy The Comeback, and the latest update comes just shy of official confirmation. A six-episode followup to The Comeback is reportedly in the works, with Lisa Kudrow, Kellan Lutz and Malin Ackerman expected to return.

Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback Could Make A Comeback At HBO

If ever there's a show that needs a comeback, it's The Comeback. And from what's being reported, HBO may be up for making that happen. Word is, the premium cable network is in talks with Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King to bring the underrated comedy back for a limited series, which is -- in this humble Valerie Cherish fan's opinion -- exactly the right approach for a concept like this one.

Lisa Kudrow To Guest Star On Scandal In Season 3

If Phoebe from Friends were to exist on Scandal, I like to think she'd declare Fitz to be Olivia's lobster. If ever were were a will-they-wont-they couple in league with the likes of Ross and Rachel, it's Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald. And while there's no Phoebe Buffay to announce official "lobster" status, the series will benefit from the talent of Lisa Kudrow in its upcoming third season.

Lisa Kudrow's Celebrity Genealogy Show Who Do You Think You Are Gets A Comeback At TLC

NBC aired three seasons of the genealogy documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? before canceling it last year. Now it looks like the show is getting a second chance, as TLC has reportedly picked it up for a new season, which will debut in July.

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