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The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli To Play A Key Role In Californication Season 7

Since the one-season drama Detroit 187 was cancelled at ABC, Michael Imperioli has bounced between TV appearances and big screen roles, with Spike Lee's Oldboy among his upcoming credits. And coming next year, it looks like we'll be seeing the Sopranos star ("Christa-fa!") in Californication for a multi-episode arc.

Girls Preview: Michael Imperioli And Jenny Slate Guest Star In Leave Me Alone

Perhaps not the best marketing strategy but certainly an apt title for the series, this week's episode of Girls is called "Leave Me Alone." When the HBO comedy from Lena Dunham debuted, there was a moment when the network might have made this their battling cry, debating the notion that 'all press is good press' because, let's face it, things got unusually ugly there for a while. Well, the hubbub about Girls has settled and just in time for tonight, the second last episode of the first season.

Imperioli Returns To A Detective Role In Detroit 1-8-7

ABC’s added a new cop-drama to their Fall 2010 lineup. Set to star in Detroit 1-8-7 is Michael Imperioli and Jon Michael Hill and James McDaniel.

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