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Office Videos: Celebrating The Supporting Characters

Since the Office convention this weekend, I’ve had Office on the brain all week. Thursday can’t come fast enough, so I decided to scour Youtube looking for ways to satiate my craving for all things Dunder-Mifflin. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work and dedication of some fans of the series, I had no trouble finding what I was looking for.

Office Convention 07: Scranton Welcomes Office Fans

The residents of Scranton, PA, as well as the students at the university welcomed the invasion of Office fans with open arms this weekend. One of the fans at the Writers Block event even commented on just how friendly everyone in the town is and I must agree. Its amazing what a difference a friendly attitude can make, especially when its pouring rain outside and you’re exhausted from walking all over the place.

Office Convention 07: Daniels Talks About The Office Documentary

After a press conference, which Daniels and some of the cast talked about the show, Daniels was kind enough to stick around to answer a few of our questions. One of the things we wanted to know was whether or not he’s started thinking about how the series is going to end and whether or not he’s considered doing a movie.

Office Convention 07: Look-Alikes And The Scrantones

It’s at this point on Saturday night that I thought I’d finally see the crazy fans I’d been aching for all day. Now, there were people there dressed as Angela’s cats, which were odd in only a sad way. And there was a really great couple dressed as Pam & Jim, looking the parts perfectly. But mostly the competition consisted of winners who really had the character down as well, and even though someone created a life size Bobble-head Dwight they didn’t win.

Office Convention 07: The Writers Talk About Whedon And Branch Wars

There’s three reason’s why I’m really excited about this week’s episode of The Office. Reason 1: Joss Whedon directed it; Reason 2: Mindy Kaling wrote it; and Reason 3: We got to see a few clips of it at The Office Convention this weekend and from what we saw, it looks like a hilarious episode.

Office Convention 07: Cast Question And Answer Session

The press conference that preceded this led to some great moments from the cast, and our 20-minute conversation with series co-creator Greg Daniels, but it was just a press conference. When everyone went next store to a packed (easily 4,000 fans) auditorium there was a distinct feeling of “finally.”

Office Convention 07: That's What She Said - An Overview

This past weekend, sitting in a strange hotel room, I was prepared to learn about convention going. Oh, I was excited to rub/nuzzle up against Angela Kinsey as much as possible. My initial thoughts upon driving into dreary (it was raining, I don’t blame the locals for that) Scranton was that my creepy obsession with all things The Office would be engulfed by scores of real life Bobble-head Dwights and 3-Hole Punch Jims.

Dunder-Mifflin Devotees Head to Scranton for Office Celebration

Right now, according to the organizers, over 2,000 tickets for the various events have been sold, with more than 70% of the attendees coming for out of town. If the event succeeds as well as it seems it will, this could be an annual event for both Office fans and for the city of Scranton. Let’s hope they don’t transfer the event to Stamford.

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