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Red Oaks Renewed But There Is Some Bad News

One of Amazon's best original series, the 1980s coming-of-age comedy Red Oaks, just got renewed for Season 3. But the news isn't all good.

The Top 10 Shows Of 2016, According To Jessica

This season there were plenty of favorites---some old standbys that have gotten better as they've aged, and some newer shows. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 picks for 2016.

10 Great Original Series Streaming Somewhere Other Than Netflix

Netflix is known for having the best original streaming programs, but it should be known that there are plenty of other top-quality original series online that will likely never make it to your My List.

The 9 Best First Season Shows You Should Be Watching

Are you one of those people that waits too long before getting into a TV show, thus later forcing your friends to dive into their memory banks to converse about a fictional event that happened years previous? Are you in need of some advice on what new shows are worth your attention so that you can get ahead of the curve this time?

Red Oaks Trailer: Amazon's New 80s Comedy Looks Wild And Fun

With hiatuses for network television series finally coming to an end after the summer drought, viewers everywhere are ready to glue themselves back to their screens. The trailer for Amazon’s new half-hour comedy Red Oaks has hit the web, and it looks pretty great. Check it out!

Red Oaks Review: A Perfect Combination Of The Wonder Years And Dazed And Confused

Coming-of-age stories are a rarity on television, where youth is generally tainted by unrealistic wealth and precociousness, and this is exactly what makes Amazon Studios’ Red Oaks feel like such a breath of fresh weed-clogged air. It’s like The Wonder Years as filtered through Dazed and Confused, and it’s about as perfect as dramedy pilots get.

Ron Perlman And Adam Brody Head Amazon Studios' Third Pilot Season, Premiering This Month

Amazon announced their third Pilot Season will begin on Thursday, August 28, but they’re cutting back the initial number of ratable series to just five. Should make it easier to sort through, right?

Steven Soderbergh-Produced Comedy Red Oaks Officially Set For Amazon Pilot Season

And Soderbergh isn’t the only big name in Red Oaks‘ corner. Directing the pilot will be David Gordon Green, who recently returned to his dramatic roots with Nic Cage in Joe, though he’ll probably be bringing his Eastbound & Down swagger to this project.

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