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Kristen Bell's Most Awkward Sex Scene Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Awkward sex scenes are a dime a dozen, but Kristen Bell has one of the most interesting experiences in that department.

Veronica Mars: The Cast Then And Now

Back in 2004, the unlikely little UPN network premiered one of the most fantastic series of the year: Veronica Mars. Let's take a look at just what the actors behind Veronica and Co. have been up to in the years since Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars Stars To Return To Their Roles For Web Series

We've known for a while now that Veronica Mars was getting the web series treatment in the form of a digital series centered on Ryan Hansen and his (fictional) efforts to get a Dick Casablancas spinoff series off the ground. Today brings word of the confirmed cast for the series, and well, it's pretty much everyone.

Ryan Hansen To Court Kate Walsh In NBC's Bad Judge

Everything's coming up Ryan Hansen! Ok, maybe not everything. Bad Teacher wasn't nearly as appreciated by the masses as it was by this viewer, but the Veronica Mars star has other prospects, including a return to Neptune in the form of a Veronica Mars web series spinoff, and now a regular gig on NBC's new comedy Bad Judge, which stars Kate Walsh as the titular judge.

Ryan Hansen Joins Bad Teacher, Playing A Shorts-Wearing Athletics Coach

Veronica Mars' Ryan Hansen hasn't been able to find a permanent home on the small screen in recent years. Starz' excellent but unfortunately short-lived comedy Party Down was the closest he came to that since playing the amusing but usually-shallow Dick Casablancas in VM, but Party Down only lasted two seasons, and since then Hansen has jumped from project to project. Perhaps he'll have better luck with Bad Teacher, the single camera comedy pilot in the works at CBS.

2 Broke Girls Hires Party Down's Ryan Hansen For Season 2

Party Down’s Ryan Hansen is signed on for the movie version of Showtime’s cult comedy, but in the interim, he’s been taking some short term gigs to supplement his resume. The actor will be joining the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls in a recurring role that will pit him as competition for our two loveable, broke protagonists. He also may get the chance to play a love interest.

Ryan Hansen Added To Louis CK And Spike Feresten's CBS Pilot

The story of Party Down is all too familiar. Another great show, well written and impeccably acted, that didn't find enough viewers and therefore prematurely bit the dust. And even though Ryan Hansen's unfortunately titled first post-Party Down series Friends With Benefits didn't make it past its first year, he's got another two tries at it this season. On top of a lead role at Fox, Hansen has just been cast in the upcoming, and still untitled comedy from Louis C.K. and Spike Feresten set up at CBS.

Party Down's Ryan Hansen To Star In Fox Comedy Pilot El Jefe

I refuse to lose hope that actor Ryan Hansen will find a role that gives him the spotlight he deserves. With memorable roles in shows like Veronica Mars and Starz’ underrated comedy series Party Down, I think Hansen is due for a starring role that helps showcase his true potential as a funny actor. Will Fox’s comedy pilot El Hefe be it?

Happy Endings Woos Ryan Hansen For Casey Wilson Love Interest

After one of the quietest debut seasons, Happy Endings still somehow ended up with a second and good thing too, because now it seems like the sitcom is on quite a roll. ABC made the right choice staying with the young and promising show and just last week gave it a full sophomore season, which means plenty of time to hang out in Chicago with the funny six-some. The good news continues as ABC has also lined up an awesome guest star to play a love interest for one lucky member of the group.

NBC's Shelved Sitcom Friends With Benefits Finally Premieres... Next Week

This news slipped through my fingers last week but with the premiere episode coming, like, next week, I figured it might still be worth sharing. The NBC sitcom Friends With Benefits, not to be confused with the many similarly titled rom-coms (and one with the EXACT title), will be seeing the light of day after all, even though that day is much later than originally planned.

Childrens Hospital To Party Down With Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr And Ryan Hansen

This is what I call mixed news. Thanks to the good people over at Childrens Hospital, we're going to get a Party Down reunion... of sorts. Actually it's great news but it makes me think of what was and what will never be ever again

Ryan Hansen Signs On For Another NBC Comedy

I love hearing casting news about former Veronica Mars stars. In this case, I’m referring to Ryan Hansen, who has been cast to star in NBC’s comedy pilot Lovelives.

Ryan Hansen Gets Friends With Benefits

Starz subscribers will be getting more of Ryan Hansen’s egotistically-charged humor when Party Down returns next month and it seems the Veronica Mars alum will be even busier on the small screen now that he’s been cast in a new NBC comedy pilot.

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