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Outlander: 4 More Things To Know About Starz's New Series

In anticipation of the premiere of Starz's Outlander series, we had the opportunity to sit down with series creator Ronald D. Moore, author Diana Gabaldon and the cast to talk about what's ahead.

The 100: 14 Things We Learned About Season 2

Among the better series to debut this Spring was CW's The 100. The sci-fi drama was featured with a panel at Comic-Con last week, and we had the opportunity to sit with the cast and creator Jason Rothenberg to talk about what's ahead. Everyone was careful to avoid major spoilers, but we were able to get some interesting tidbits about Season 2.

Outlander's Tobias Menzies Reveals A Big Frank-related Change In The TV Series

At Comic-Con last week, we had the opportunity to sit with the cast of Starz's upcoming Outlander series. When speaking to Tobias Menzies, he talked a bit about his character Frank Randall, and in the process, revealed something that should be of interest to fans of the book. To put it simply, expect a lot more Frank.

Watch Stephen Amell Do The Arrow Opening Monologue At Comic-Con

Those who missed the Arrow panel at Comic-Con in San Diego last week can enjoy one of the highlights of the event, as a fan asked Arrow star Stephen Amell if he would say the opening monologue for him. Amell obliged, speaking from memory the words Oliver Queen states at the start of each episode. The cherry on the cake is when Amell adds on the "Previously on Arrow..."

Outlander's Diana Gabaldon On Setting World War II As Claire's Backstory

Why a World War II combat nurse? That was one of the questions on my mind as I sat down with Outlander author Diana Gabaldon during the press roundtables at Comic-Con last week.

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Explains Daryl's Feelings For Beth

The Walking Dead regularly emphasizes the bonds that form between two characters. During the series’ fourth season, Beth and Daryl’s budding friendship came to the surface as the two were paired up in the post-prison exodus arc.

Arrow: 31 Things To Know About Season 3

We had the opportunity to sit down with the cast and executive producers of Arrow at Comic-Con to talk about Season 3, and we’re grateful to report that there was a lot to talk about ahead of the third season of this excellent CW superhero drama. In fact, the roundtable interviews allowed us to compile a list of 31 things you might want to know about Arrow Season 3.

Sons Of Anarchy Prequel Series In The Works

Over the course of the show, fans have watched as Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller navigates the harsh and brutal world of motorcycle clubs in Northern California all while being a new father and trying not to repeat the sins of his father - one of the original founders. Soon that story will be completed, but just in case you’re worried that this means that the Sons of Anarchy universe will be coming to a close, I have some good news.

Constantine Unveils Extended Comic-Con Trailer And Hints At The Series' Future

I can imagine Constantine's bass-and-percussion-filled extended trailer got the crowd's collective heart pumping, as it offers a rounded look at what the spiritually unhinged series will bring to NBC this fall. Or at least what the pilot will bring.

New Flash Trailer Crashes Comic-Con, Expect A Supervillain Of The Week

Even though Flash doesn’t have its own panel at this year’s Comic-Con, that doesn’t mean they were going to let Arrow show them up. The superhero spin-off released their own tease to counter the first look at Season 3 of their sister show. The ‘Speed Trap’ spot doesn’t show any actual footage but it’s still pretty damn cool.

Outlander Makes Its World Premiere At Comic-Con With Kilts, Bagpipes And Fans

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a room full of people who are all fans of the same thing. Comic-Con has no shortage of such rooms, and such was the case for Starz’s premiere of Outlander at the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego Friday night.

Archer Heads Back To ISIS For Season Six, Brings Along Fargo's Allison Tolman

The booze-reeking FX series Archer traveled to this year’s Comic-Con with a few updates about where Season 6 is going to take this quick-witted ragtag group of spies. It’s a pretty familiar place, and some familiar faces will be joining the cast for guest roles.

Arrow's Debut Season 3 Trailer Has Arrived

Arrow didn't bother waiting for their San Diego Comic-Con panel to start making major Season 3 announcements. In the last few months month, the CW superhero series cast former-Superman Brandon Routh as Ray 'The Atom' Palmer; announced a crossover with Flash; and then released our first look at Roy as Arsenal. But that doesn't mean Arrow spilled all of its third season secrets before taking the stage in Ballroom 20.

Scanners TV Series Is Closer Than Ever To Existing

And now, because everyone knows a little head explosion never hurt anyone, here’s an update on the barely-discussed TV series adaptation of David Cronenberg’s Scanners.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Introducing Four New Characters For Season 2

We can expect that the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be quite different from its first season –and not just because the titular clandestine organization ended up being massively corrupt and overrun by HYDRA agents. In addition to that fact, we also expect a whole bunch of new characters to be introduced… and today at San Diego Comic-Con we got early word on the newbies who are coming aboard.

Agent Carter Lands Captain America Directors To Make The First Few Episodes

Each time that Hayley Atwell has portrayed Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s worked with a different director (or directors). She first brought the character to life in Captain America: The First Avenger – which was made by Joe Johnston; then she appeared in the Marvel One Shot Agent Carter from producer/director Louis D’Esposito; and most recently she got covered in old age makeup to work with Joe and Anthony Russo on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Adventure Time, Regular Show And Three More Renewed By Cartoon Network

Oh my glob, great news: Cartoon Network is renewing five of its animated series. On Friday, the network announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and newcomer Clarence have all gotten additional episode orders.

The Walking Dead Trailer Delivers Zombies And Thrills, Season 5 Premiere Date Set

The Walking Dead panel at Comic-Con is underway, and as we hoped, the AMC drama gave us our first trailer for the highly anticipated fifth season of the zombie drama. Hopefully AMC will get that video online soon enough, but in the meantime, here’s what we saw… (Spoilers ahead!)

An Evil Dead TV Series Is Coming From Sam Raimi, With Bruce Campbell Involved

Low-budget horror mastermind-turned-studio filmmaker Sam Raimi has revealed to the world that he is developing an Evil Dead television series. Considering we’ve already experienced a retread of the events from his 1981 classic in the 2013 non-classic remake, dare we hope for the gloriously over-the-top glee of Army of Darkness?

Why Legend Of Korra Moving Online Is What's Best For The Show

Yesterday, fans of the animated series Legend of Korra were hit with some surprising and rather shocking news when it was announced that Nickelodeon is planning to stop airing new episodes on television.

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