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Is Michael Phelps Actually Faster Than Sharks? Here's What The Shark Week Special Revealed

Shark Week is upon us yet again, and Discovery recruited Olympian Michael Phelps to race a couple of sharks to begin the shark action. Here's how he stood up against the creatures.

Discovery's Shark Week Just Got Hacked In The Most Adorable Way

Shark Week is only a couple of weeks away, but it turns out that there are some who so desperately disapprove of the week that they took drastic (and adorable) steps to protest.

Shark Week Is Adding Michael Phelps And A Law And Order Vet To The Fun

We're coming up on that Shark Week time of year again, and it sounds like this year's batch of shark-themed programming will be the wildest so far. A former Olympian and a TV star are on board to pitch in.

Why Discovery Is Having Ratings Problems, According To One Exec

Discovery is the place to be on cable TV when it comes to learning about the world and/or watching people be naked and afraid, but its ratings have been slipping lately. According to one executive, there's one big reason why viewers haven't been tuning in as much.

This Low-Rent Shark Week Promo Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Hannibal Buress has been on the quick rise in the past few years, and now he’s taking his brand of comedy to Shark Week. Well, he’s not exactly a part of Shark Week, he’s taking advantage of the shark humor to promote his own show. It's the funniest thing you'll see all day.

Shark Week Will Now Take Up The Whole Summer, Get The Details

The once-educational network is pulling out all the stops this year when it comes to their famed Shark Week, which has now become the “Summer of the Shark,” and it will feature more shark programming than ever. Those who thought last year’s programming was all-encompassing were only standing in the belly of the beast.

Shark Week: Duped Viewers Mad About Fake Documentary

Discover Channel’s Shark Week should be a win-win on multiple levels. It gives viewers something to be excited about. It imparts wisdom into the world, and it increases awareness about the problems the creatures face. How could anyone possibly have a problem with that?

Shark Week Video Shows Paul Walker On A Shark Seeking Expedition

In addition to being an actor, Paul Walker was also an ocean enthusiast and a former marine biology student. Earlier this week we saw a snippet of a video of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recording an introduction for a program on Discovery Channel's Shark Week.

The Rock Pays Tribute To Paul Walker For Shark Week Video

Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week event begins tonight, and in anticipation of the fin-fest, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recorded an introduction video, paying tribute to the late Paul Walker, who was not only known to be a shark enthusiast, but also a champion for shark and marine conservation, as mentioned by Johnson in the above video.

Shark After Dark Adds Ashley Tisdale, Chelsea Handler And More

This year Discovery has signed on a few celebs that you might expect and a few you might not to host the network’s late night talk show Shark After Dark. The 2014 list includes Ashley Tisdale, Tara Reid, Matt Walsh and many, many more

Shark Week 2014 Is Bigger, Better And Even Wetter

I suppose it would be newsworthy if Discovery Channel had somehow decided to scale back and give the world the shortest Shark Week ever, but that’s not the case here. As you can imagine, this year’s tribute to the ocean’s most iconic beast is actually bigger than any that have come before, with an unprecedented 13 Shark Week exclusives.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Expanded Shark Week Arrives This August

Sure, fireworks and BBQs will command American attention this week, but, next month, another American tradition will be unveiled when the annual Shark Week arrives on Discovery Channel. And, this time, it's bigger than ever.

Shark Week 2012 Begins Tonight With Air Jaws Apocalypse

Shark enthusiasts, the week you've been waiting for all year has arrived! For twenty-five years, Discovery has dedicated a week to exploring and showcasing sharks each summer, and the 2012 Shark Week kicks off tonight.

Discovery Celebrates Shark Week's 25th Anniversary This August

Once upon a time, when Discovery was still a relatively new channel, the network came up with an idea to engage their audience with Shark-related programming for a week during the summertime. And so began the annual tradition of Shark Week. Many look forward to this event all year, wondering what shark-related programming Discovery will have in store for them each summer. 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Discovery's "Shark Week" and the network has big plans for the event, which is scheduled for August.

Shark Week Preview: The Great White Invades And Jaws Comes Home

Shark Week 2011 kicks off tomorrow. For those of you prepared to camp out in front of your TVs in the evenings all week, devouring as much shark-related shenanigans as you can, we have a couple of video previews for you, as well as a look at the stickers is offering for check-ins throughout the week.

Shark Week Preview Video With Andy Samberg Bares Lady Gaga's Teeth

Great bits from comedians always remain rattling around in my brain and, in light of this post, I can't help but recall Ricky Gervais' TV watching habits of only The Discovery and History Channels, meaning that he knew everything there was to know about sharks and Nazis. Of course Gervais was exaggerating, that's not all these two great channels air... well, except for the former during Shark Week. Here's the first promo...

First Look At Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer For Discovery's Shark Week

One of the biggest annual events on television is just around the corner. Yes, Shark Week is coming to Discovery at the end of July, and EW has our first look at this year's host, Andy Samberg...or, sorry, their Chief Shark Officer.

2008 Summer TV Preview: Shark Week

Discovery Channel’s been doing Shark Week since the late 80’s and the event seems to become more and more popular with each passing year. Perhaps it was the Jaws movies that increased people’s interest in the sharp-toothed sea-beasts but if there’s one thing that’s kept the fascination going, it’s Discovery Channel’s annual celebration of all things shark.

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