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Star Wars Rebels Trailer Shows Epic Space Battles And A Ton Of X-Wings

Star Wars Rebels just kicked off its fourth and final season on Disney XD, and a trailer has been released that teases more space battles and a whole bunch of X-wings in the coming weeks. Check it out!

New Star Wars Rebels Clip Answers A Big Rogue One Question

The fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels has the characters catching up to the Rogue One timeline, and a clip from an upcoming episodes answers a question about that movie.

Did Star Wars Rebels Just Reveal Why No Mandalorians Are In The Original Trilogy?

The Mandalorians have become a big deal in the Star Wars universe, but they're conspicuously absent in the original trilogy despite being active in the years before. The latest episode of Star Wars Rebels may have given some big answers.

How To Get New Star Wars Content Ahead Of The Last Jedi

A new chapter of the Star Wars saga will hit theaters with The Last Jedi in December, but fans don't have to wait so long for more action in the galaxy far, far away. Here are a couple of ways to get a Star Wars fix ahead of The Last Jedi!

Watch A Star Wars Rebels Character Finally Join The Rebellion In New Forces Of Destiny Short

The Star Wars Forces of Destiny web series has provided fun fixes of Star Wars action, and a brand new short has revealed one Star Wars Rebels character finally agreeing to join the Rebellion. Take a look!

Why Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Might Change Our Minds About Saw Gerrera

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is bringing back none other than Saw Gerrera for more action, and comments from the showrunner indicate that we might change our minds about him for some big reasons.

New Star Wars: Rebels Trailer Teases Connections To Rogue One

The new Star Wars: Rebels trailer was packed with Star Wars goodies, but fans won't want to miss these notable shout outs to Rogue One.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Has A New Trailer, And It’s Epic

The new Season 4 trailer for Star Wars Rebels is jam-packed with epic Star Wars awesomeness. Check it out to see for yourself!

Star Wars Rebels' Showrunner Just Blew Our Minds With An Unproduced Ahsoka Scene

Fans of Star Wars Rebels have spent the last couple of years wondering what happened with Ahsoka at the end of Season 2. Now, showrunner Dave Filoni has an answer for us.

Star Wars Rebels' Showrunner Just Debunked A Huge Ahsoka Theory

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most popular characters of Star Wars TV history. Now, Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni has debunked one big theory about her.

Is Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Adding An Iconic Franchise Actor? Here's What We Know

A new rumor suggests that a Star Wars icon will soon lend his vocal chops to the final season of Star Wars Rebels. Here's what we know.

6 Star Wars TV Shows That Should Rise Up When Rebels Is Done

Star Wars Rebels will come to an end after Season 4. We've pondered what the next Star Wars TV venture should be, and we've come up with some pitches. Check them out!

The Big Ways Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Is Changing Because Of Rogue One

Star Wars Rebels is pretty close to the events of Rogue One and the original trilogy in the Star Wars timeline by this point; now, the showrunner has revealed how Rogue One will affect Rebels in Season 4.

Will Star Wars Rebels Bring Ahsoka Back? Here's What The Actress Says

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most pivotal characters of Star Wars TV, but she's been absent for a long time. Now, actress Ashley Eckstein has answered the question of whether she'll be back on Star Wars Rebels.

Why The Battle Of Scarif Won't Be In Star Wars Rebels' Final Season

Not a whole lot is currently known about the Star Wars Rebels series finale, but the showrunner has officially revealed how it won't end and why he came to that decision.

The Latest Evidence That Ahsoka Lives On Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka Tano has been absent from the Star Wars chronology ever since her apparent death in Star Wars Rebels Season 2. Now, we have a huge new piece of evidence that she may be alive.

The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer Is Epic And Action Packed

The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer is here! Hit the jump to see what's in store for the Ghost crew, as they make their final stand against the empire in this action-packed trailer.

A Classic Star Wars Legend Will Voice Rukh On Star Wars Rebels This Season

Star Wars Rebels is introducing the major character of Rukh in the upcoming Season 4, and we just discovered the legendary Star Wars actor who will voice him.

When Star Wars Rebels Is Ending, According To Dave Filoni

Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels has been the place to be on the small screen for Star Wars action. Now, the showrunner has officially announced when the series will be ending.

Disney Just Confirmed The Fate Of One Huge Star Wars Rebels Character

Star Wars Rebels stars a cast of characters who never appeared in any of the original Star Wars trilogy movies, so we've never been able to say for sure if and when they'll be killed off. Now, we know the fate of one beyond what we've seen on large or small screen.

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