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Apparently There Are Make-A-Wish Foundation Kids Who Know More Walking Dead Spoilers Than We Do

The Walking Dead hides a lot of its secrets from average viewers, but there are Make-A-Wish kids out there who have some intel.

Talking Dead Is Getting Its Own Spinoff

The world is about to see a spin-off to a spin-off! So much to see here, folks.

One Issue With Playing The Walking Dead's Eugene, According To Josh McDermitt

Last night's Walking Dead put the focus on Eugene, and actor Josh McDermitt revealed one way playing the character plays into his actual life.

Why Negan Surprised The Group By Coming To Alexandria Early

The Walking Dead kicked off Season 7 with new bad guy Negan thoroughly breaking Rick. He turned his wrath on Alexandria in the latest episode, and he did it sooner than expected.

Will The Ezekiel And Carol Romance Happen On The Walking Dead? Here's What We Know

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead introduced the excellent new character Ezekiel, who hit it off with Carol in a surprisingly solid way. Will something more come of that? Here's what the actor says.

The Walking Dead: One Character May Be In Serious Trouble

Because there was so much death in last week's Walking Dead we could assume that the next episode is won't have more characters die. However, the lineup for Talking Dead was just revealed, and it’s making us think they might send another character to meet their maker real soon.

How Emily Kinney Feels About Watching The Walking Dead After What Happened

I always wondered this. While being an actor on The Walking Dead always comes with an expiration date, it is still a loss when their character’s die. The question is: do the killed off actors still watch the show that they used to be a part of?

How Negan Will Change The Walking Dead, According To Robert Kirkman

Negan is coming! And though the details about his arrival are scarce, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman opens up regarding how Negan will irreparably alter the course of the series.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere: Was That Negan?

Fans of The Walking Dead, both on and off of this website, have spent months theorizing and hypothesizing where the series is heading in Season 5 and beyond. Tonight’s excellent season premiere sent the Internet into a tizzy over the possible inclusion of the Walking Dead comics’ biggest and baddest villain, Negan.

Here's How AMC Is Completely Changing Its Programming Lineup

While many networks are perfectly fine with splitting their time between scripted and unscripted series to balance off budgets, AMC is going against the grain. The network has announced they’re rededicating themselves to scripted programming and are abandoning almost all of their reality series, both those airing and those in development.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser Clip Is Full Of Zombies

Spoilers if you're not caught up on The Walking Dead through Season 4! AMC has released a new clip from Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Check it out ahead...

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Talks Raw Chicken And Rick's Violent Season 4 Finale Scene

Spoilers if you're not caught up on The Walking Dead through the fourth season finale! During last night's Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, Rick did something pretty horrific in an effort to get himself, his son, Daryl and Michonne out of a tight spot. And in the process, Andrew Lincoln ended up with a mouthful of blood and raw chicken!

Better Call Saul Set For November, Spy Thriller 'Turn' Trailer, Breaking Bad On Netflix And Other AMC Updates

Jamie Bell and Seth Tumrich are looking ready for a revolution in the above promotional photo for AMC’s promising looking upcoming spy thriller Turn. And that’s just one of numerous tidbits the cable channel shared in anticipation of their 2014 programming slate. AMC also announced a number of release dates — or release timeframes — for their new and returning shows, including the return of Mad Men...

Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick To Host Breaking Bad Talk Show Talking Bad

It seemed like you couldn't throw a stone at Comic-Con without hitting a panel Chris Hardwick was moderating. The man was everywhere. And that's not such a bad thing, for those of us who like his brand of comedy and geeky expertise. Moderating Comic-Con panels is just one entry on Hardwick's resume. In addition to hosting the Nerdist podcast, he also hosts the Walking Dead post-episode talk show Talking Dead...

Talking Dead And Other AMC Unscripted Shows Renewed, Summer Premiere Dates Set

In addition to the big announcement today on the highly anticipated premiere date for Breaking Bad and its new companion series, Talking Bad, AMC had plenty more news to share in the upfronts.That includes summer premiere dates for a number of new and returning shows, some renewals including Talking Dead, and some new projects in development.

The Walking Dead Comic-Con Poster Shows Michonne, The Governor And More

The Walking Dead will definitely be a highlight of this year's San Diego Comic Convention and probably in two formats, the original Robert Kirkman series by Image Comics as well as the television adaptation from AMC. Fans of both, however, are obviously in for a very special treat. AMC just released the first official poster for their Walking Dead Comic-Con presence and the combination of images is surprisingly revealing, especially for those who have read the comics.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend To Feature An Appearance By Drew Carey

The price is evidently right for Talking Dead. Drew Carey! Come on down! It's a big weekend for The Walking Dead fans. Not only is AMC set to air every episode from both seasons of the zombie drama series, but we'll also get a preview of the upcoming third season and a special episode of Talking Dead. (And as a bonus, AMC's airing the Walking Dead pilot episode in black and white!)

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend Set For July

Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead probably want to keep their schedules open the weekend before Comic-Con. The network announced that Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 will be The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend. Essentially, it's just a marathon of the entire series but with a few extra bells and whistles. And they are impressive bells and whistles.

AMC Renews Talking Dead And Comic Book Men

One of my favorite things about Sunday nights during The Walking Dead's second season, was getting to see the episode rehashed later that night on AMC's live after-show Talking Dead. Hosted by the knowledgable and entertaining Chris Hardwick, the live show features special guests and discusses some of the highlights, making it sort of a gory dessert to the entree that is the zombie drama.

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