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Chicago Fire Cast A Flash Villain For Season 7

A familiar face from The Flash has joined the new season of Chicago Fire.

One Flash Theory About Savitar's Identity Just Got Shot Down

Savitar's true identity remains the big mystery of The Flash Season 3, but it seems that we can now rule one possibility out of the running.

How IMDB Spoiled The Flash Season 2 Before It Aired

Season 2 of The Flash has featured some pretty big mysteries that have kept the show fun to watch. As it turns out, however, one of the biggest secrets about Season 2 was spoiled on IMDB long before it aired.

How The Flash And Zoom's Origin Stories Compare

When The Flash slapped audiences with the truth about Zoom, they pulled out all the storyline stops. And, it looks like before Season 2 ends, we’ll mostly have an explanation for why Zoom is on a quest for speed domination.

When The Flash Will Answer Its Biggest Mystery

The wait for the next Flash episode will be worth it, as Hunter Zolomon’s Zoom will be explored a lot more in the coming weeks, and we’ll finally get to learn just what the hell is going on with that other weird mystery.

How The Flash Is Making Barry Even More Powerful

As The Flash, Barry Allen is one of television’s most powerful characters, but that doesn’t mean he’s done building up his weapon-free arsenal of powers.

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