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8 Times TV CGI Was The Worst Thing Ever

There is a long tradition of bad CGI effects on the small screen. Here are some of the worst offenders.

12 Shows Fox Should Be Embarrassed About Canceling

While every network is guilty of slamming an ax down on shows before a cancelation is warranted, Fox has been the series-ending posterchild for decades now. Here are 12 series that Fox should constantly hide its head in shame for canceling. Sorry if this puts you guys in a bad mood all over again.

Netflix Won't Save Terra Nova: Talks Have Ended

At least one hope for the revival of recently cancelled Terra Nova has been dashed. Netflix, which was considering picking up the expensive drama after it was cancelled by Fox, has decided to pass on the project, leaving it once again adrift without a home.

Terra Nova Star Jason O'Mara Joins Dennis Quaid And Michael Chiklis In CBS Drama Pilot

Terra Nova fans still holding out hope that the Fox drama will find a home on another network may be disappointed to learn that yet another star of the series has moved on to a new project, and this time, it’s a big one.

Terra Nova's Allison Miller Joins Matthew Perry In NBC Comedy Pilot Go On

In the wake of it’s recent (official) cancellation by Fox, and despite the possibility that the adventure/drama series might find a second chance somewhere else, another Terra Nova star has moved on for pilot project. Allison Miller is set to play a role in NBC’s comedy pilot by Scott Silveri, Go On.

Could Netflix Save Terra Nova?

With the amount of money it costs to produce a show that features dinosaurs and other expensive special effects, you'd think the only people that could afford it would be a network, or at least a profitable cable channel like Syfy. But The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Netflix, of all people, has expressed interest in the show, reaffirming the company's commitment to produce original television content

Fox Cancels Terra Nova, Showrunners Are Seeking A New Network

Sorry Terra Nova fans, but the show didn’t make the cut. Fox has made an early decision to cancel the series, which was expected since it was aiming for a second season premiere in the fall. That’s not going to happen, at least not on Fox, but showrunners are shopping for a new network.

Fringe And Terra Nova Futures In Doubt At Fox

While Reilly didn't explicitly say that any would be cancelled, his refusal to discuss them wasn't a good sign-- and when it comes to Fringe, he didn't mince words about the reasons the network might want to cancel it. Here's what he said

Terra Nova Watch: Season Finale - Occupation, Resistance

What a revelation! Who knew Terra Nova was capable of such a tightly-paced episode that could be well-written and deliver some genuine action? The 2-hour finale we were treated to tonight was the show we should have gotten all along – a combination of Lost and Jurassic Park with a family story at the core. The reason tonight’s finale was so wildly entertaining and tense was because it involved honest-to-God stakes.

Terra Nova Watch: Episode 10 - Within

If you’re looking for a singular reason why Terra Nova hasn’t lived up to Fox’s expectations and is dangerously close to being cancelled, tonight’s episode showed it to you again and again. The lines of dialogue used to open this recap are just a handful in a long line of woefully written one-liners that have been dished out this season. Here we have some zingers from Lucas, Elisabeth and Taylor that quite honestly could’ve been written by high school freshman.

Pan Am Isn't Cancelled... Yet, Anyway

Things aren’t looking good for ABC’s freshman drama Pan Am. There hasn’t been any kind of official word on the subject of the series’ cancellation. In fact, word is, ABC is still considering the series’ return next fall. But it does look like there won’t be much left for Season 1.

Terra Nova Watch: Episode 9 - Now You See Me

At least we’re moving in the right direction. The decent amount of forward momentum Terra Nova generated in last week’s episode continues this week in “Now You See Me” as Taylor confronts Mira, Jim closes in on the mole and Zoe continues to prove her uselessness as a character. I’m sorry but I reached my breaking point with Zoe this week. I know the youngest Shannon child is meant to be cute and innocent but it’s that saccharine sweetness that’s made her unbearable as a character.

Terra Nova Watch: Episode 8 - Vs.

This week’s episode of Terra Nova had a very appropriate title: “Vs.” Looking at this episode, those two little letters carried a whole lot of meaning as “Vs.” was full of confrontations that all seemed to involve Commander Taylor. There was the early pissing match between Taylor and Boylan in the interrogation room. Then, as Jim got closer to uncovering the truth behind the skeleton, we got a showdown between Taylor and Jim that led to some much-needed background info.

Terra Nova Watch: Episode 8 - Proof

We had to know an episode of Terra Nova like “Proof” was looming. Uninspired writing, contrived plotlines, sloppy direction and lackluster performances – this episode was a misfire of epic proportions. But since every show misfires during its first season, I’m willing to forgive Terra Nova this once. The showrunners have to be careful, though, because an excess of duds will dwindle their viewership in a hurry. You know what else makes fans want to stop watching?

Terra Nova Gets A Boost In Monday Ratings, Rock Center Remains Flat

The big winner of the night, as usual, was CBS, with their comedies bouncing up from last week and Mike & Molly enjoying an 11% bump. At ABC Dancing with the Stars was up 21% from last week-- maybe benefiting from handing out its first-ever perfect score?-- and Castle somehow managed to boost its ratings on Halloween night and then drop down last night

Terra Nova Watch: Episode 6, Nightfall

It seems that after a few frustrating weeks, we’re finally starting to gain some traction with Terra Nova. “Nightfall” is the best entry the young series has offered us thus far mainly because it sets in motion some interesting storylines and gives us a high-stakes hour of television. As a Smallville fan, I’m well aware of the devastation a meteor shower can cause and it was nice to see that this force of nature had a serious impact on the colony.

Terra Nova Watch: Episode 5 - Bylaw

This week’s episode of Terra Nova marked a major milestone in human history and yet another dumb decision by Josh that’ll have enormous repercussions later this season. “Bylaw” dealt heavily with just that – Terra Nova’s bylaws, especially the ones that relate to murder most foul. The episode begins with a soldier (Foster) being killed by a dinosaur inside a maintenance shed, and after another dinosaur’s blood is discovered on the body, Jim begins to suspect foul play might be involved.

Terra Nova Watch: The Runaway

Four episodes adds up to almost three hours of storytelling, and since movies can tell a whole story in that amount of time, a TV show can at least sow the seeds of interesting things to come later in the season. After two standalone episodes, “The Runaway” finally felt like the first installment that would impact the show’s mythology thanks to some tantalizing new information regarding the Sixers.

Watch Last Monday's Terra Nova Here, Or Catch It When It Re-Airs This Saturday

If you missed Monday night’s Terra Nova due to the baseball game causing a delay, it isn’t too late to get caught up. Not only is Fox set to re-air the episode this Saturday, but you can also catch the episode on Fox On Demand, if your cable service provides it, or watch it online right here.

Terra Nova Watch: What Remains

After a fairly standard episode last week, Terra Nova returns with a third installment that takes advantage of an interesting premise right up until the suspense is murdered in the final act. After losing contact with a research outpost, Elisabeth, Commander Taylor and a random red shirt venture out to see what's happening with their scientists. It's quickly discovered that everyone is losing their memory and lapsing into comas after 36 hours. In other words – pretty scary stuff

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