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FlixWorthy: Amazon Has Breaking Bad, Hulu Has Kevin Smith, And More

Amazon has Breaking Bad for two bucks an ep, Netflix is streaming Shawn Ryan's Chicago Code, Hulu has a new weekly Kevin Smith "anti-movie-review" show, and more! Here's what's FlixWorthy this week, kids...

Fox Drops The Chicago Code And Traffic Light

Another promising new series that won’t be returning next season is Shawn Ryan’s cop drama The Chicago Code. In addition to dropping Breaking In and Human Target, Fox has also decided not to renew TCC. Considering this was the series that renewed my interest in the crime-fighting/solving TV dramas, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. There's also bad news for freshman comedy series Traffic Light.

The Chicago Code Preview: Cabrini-Green

According to a tweet posted yesterday by series creator Shawn Ryan, tonight’s episode of The Chicago Code has been written by Tim Minear and Jon Worley, both of whom wrote for Ryan’s last series, the unfortunately short-lived FX drama Terriers. They'll be answering questions via Twiter tonight! More on that, as well as details and some video clips from the episode ahead!

The Chicago Code Review: Fox's New Cop Drama Is Worth Your Time

The Chicago Code appears to be as much a story about people as it is about crime-solving, which should set it apart from (and in my opinion, above) your typical crime procedural.

The Chicago Code Preview: Meet The Cast

Fox certainly isn't being stingy with the video content they’re releasing as we approach the premiere of their new cop series The Chicago Code. We have some more videos to share with you today, including one featuring series creator Shawn Ryan, and stars Jason Clarke and Jennifer Beals.

The Chicago Code Preview: A Glimpse Of Shawn Ryan's New Cop Series

In just a few weeks (the Monday after the Super Bowl to be exact), Fox will premiere Shawn Ryan’s new police drama series The Chicago Code. We have a couple of clips from the show as well as a featurette on Ryan and the making of the show.

Fox 2011 Winter TV Schedule

Fox released their 2011 Midseason schedule, which includes the return of American Idol for its tenth season as well as the addition of a few new series to the line-up.

Premiere Date Set For Fox's The Chicago Code

If I start out talking about this upcoming new Fox series by using the words “cop” and “drama,” many of you might wave it off or ask why TV needs yet another cop drama? So instead, I’ll use the words “Shawn” and “Ryan” as those are two words that describe one solid reason to look forward to The Chicago Code, which is set to premiere in 2011.

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