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NBC Sets Premiere Date For Awake, Shifts The Firm To Saturdays

There’s good news, even better news, and bad news. The good news is, NBC has set a premiere date for their new series Awake. The even better news is that we have less than a month to wait. The bad news is, this is at the expense of NBC’s The Firm, which is being shifted to a time-slot worse than Friday night.

NBC's The Firm Series Premiere Ratings Fall Behind The Competition

NBC may have had the right idea in staging a two-hour premiere “event” for the debut of their new legal drama The Firm, however competition was steep last night, and that likely played a factor in the series premieres’ soft ratings.

The Firm Review: NBC Brings John Grisham's Legal Thriller Back To Life

Nearly two decades after sitting through The Firm and realizing that a movie about a young lawyer being seduced by a prestigious law firm only to discover it’s corrupt doesn’t necessarily make for as exciting and interesting a film as it does a novel, I realize there may have been some residue of that slightly bitter disappointment left over going into NBC's new series.

The Firm Series Premiere Preview: NBC's New Drama Premieres Sunday Night

Set to make it’s series premiere on a special night this weekend is NBC’s The Firm, a TV drama based on John Grisham novel and subsequent film from the ’90’s. The new drama takes the story into the present with a ten-years-later scenario that follows Mitchell McDeere and his family as they leave witness protection to reclaim their lives.

Midseason Speculation: Five New TV Shows That Look Like Duds

Unfortunately, television executives continue to believe (possibly correctly) that the majority of television viewers are mindless sheep who’ll watch anything thrown up on screen. Film sequels? Cross-dressers? Thin mysteries? Spin-offs? From what I’ve seen from the previews, Midseason 2012 has it all. It doesn’t take much more than a trailer and some fairly subjective speculation to realize these new shows are duds.

It's Happening Again For Josh Lucas In NBC's The Firm

One of the shows that may have flown under the radar with the recent NBC mid-schedule announcement was The Firm. It's not the new legal drama's fault that Community fans would instantly realize their show was absent and therefore steal the new series' thunder (as well as the thunder of any/all of the other mid-season premieres). Yep. NBC really shot itself it the foot there, but at least they have The Firm to help cover everything up.

Tricia Helfer Signs On For NBC's The Firm

The interesting-sounding pilot 17th Precinct didn’t go to series, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to find Tricia Helfer on NBC at some point in the future. It appears The Firm’s stock just went up six points (and up one more Cylon if you’re keeping track) as Helfer’s been signed on for a role.

The Firm Recruits Deadwood's Molly Parker

NBC's The Firm, a television sequel to the hit John Grisham-adapted film from the early 1990s that starred Tom Cruise, has been alternating between good and bad news as the show preps to shoot this month in Toronto. After lining up a pretty solid cast, the legal drama ironically got embroiled in a legal-rights dispute between CBS and NBC. However, this snafu hasn't stopped the show's casting efforts, and now another talented actress is joining The Firm.

CBS Sues Writer For Stealing The Firm

A big legal drama is headed for the courts over, well, a big legal drama. CBS has filed a lawsuit against writer and producer Lukas Reiter over a television series he apparently took to NBC in spite of already having a contract to develop it for CBS. The series, based on John Grisham’s bestseller The Firm is scheduled to air midseason, but the lawsuit could put a damper on things.

Juliette Lewis And Callum Keith Rennie Join NBC's The Firm

I’m still not entirely sure TV needs a continuation of The Firm, but I’m trying to keep an open mind about the project and this latest bit of casting news has me intrigued. Boarding the drama series is a Cylon and a natural born killer (or actors who have played such roles in the past.)

Josh Lucas Close To A Deal To Star In NBC's The Firm

Is Josh Lucas the new Tom Cruise? I don’t know about that but from the sound of it, he will be filling Cruise’ shoes when NBC’s The Firm premieres. Word is, the actor is close to a deal to play the role of Mitch McDeere in the upcoming NBC sequel-series.

TV Adaptation Of John Grisham's The Firm A Go, NBC Looking To Buy

With huge international agreements already in place and interest from at least one of the big four networks, the Lucas Reiter adaptation will start principal photography in Canada in early July with the support of the novel's author

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