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The Goodwin Games Review: Fox's New Comedy Could Use More Comedy

At long last, one of the remaining newcomers to the 2012-2013 season will make its debut tonight. Fox's The Goodwin Games has three things going for it; a great cast, a great premise and a set of great creators. There's just one thing missing from this comedy. Comedy. The series is set up to focus on a set of adult siblings brought together by their father's death, but it's not grief that keeps this comedy from finding laughs. It's as though the pilot forgot to add the humor, which is a shame, as it has everything else.

The Goodwin Games Pilot Is Available For Free Online

Fox’s The Goodwin Games was picked up on May 14 last year, but isn’t actually going to air on the network until May 20 of this year. Potential fans have waited a really long time to catch T.J. Miller, Becki Newton, and Scott Foley in action, but if you have been intrigued about Fox’s comedy series, you can catch the pilot for free online, now.

Roseanne's Laurie Metcalf To Guest Star In Fox Comedy Goodwin Games

Things are already working out fairly well for Fox's new comedies Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project, both of which debuted this fall and received full-season orders from the network. On deck for midseason is The Goodwin Games, which - like Ben & Kate - also happens to focus on the relationship between adult siblings.

True Blood's Janina Gavankar Joins Fox's The Goodwin Games

While Janina Gavankar and Scott Foley both appeared numerous times in the current season of True Blood, I'm fairly certain they never shared a scene together. There's been so much going on in the series this season, that it would be very easy for two recurring characters to avoid each other's paths. But we may be seeing the two on screen together when Fox's new comedy The Goodwin Games airs. Foley is among the stars of the comedy, and it's just been announced that Gavankar will play a recurring role in the series.

T.J. Miller Cast In Fox's Comedy The Goodwin Games, Replacing Jake Lacy

Fox has re-cast one of the leading roles in its new half-hour comedy The Goodwin Games. Comedian T.J. Miller will take over the role played by Jake Lacy in the pilot, and will join Scott Foley and Becki Newton as a trio of siblings forced to come together again to get their hands on an inheritance from their father.

The Goodwin Games Preview: Fox's Comedy Starring Becki Newton And Scott Foley

Sibling relationships is a common theme for two of Fox's new comedy series headed for the 2012-2013 primetime lineup. Headed to Fox this fall is Ben and Kate, a show about a single mom whose brother decides to stick around and help her raise her daughter. And set for midseason is The Goodwin Games, a series that follows three estranged siblings brought back together when their father dies and leaves them his fortune… with a catch.

Scott Foley Joins Becki Newton In Fox Comedy Pilot The Goodwin Games

Whether you were Team Ben or Team Noel, if you watched Felicity, there’s a good chance you still associate Scott Foley and Scott Speedman with the roles they played on the drama series. Sure, they’ve done other things since then, including two Underworld movies for Speedman, and a recent role on Grey’s Anatomy for Foley, but their on-and-off romances with Felicity were especially memorable, especially for those of us who never quite figured out who she was better of with.

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