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What The Knick Season 3 Would Have Been About, According To Steven Soderbergh

Months after fans received the disappointing news that The Knick would not return for Season 3, director Steven Soderbergh is dropping some hints about what the season would have been about.

The Knick Cancelled, Season 3 Not Happening At Cinemax

The Knick is no more. It was news that comes as a disappointment to fans, although not necessarily a surprise.

The Knick Is Probably Renewed With One Change

For the last couple of seasons, The Knick has garnered critical acclaim and a niche audience over at Cinemax. However, the show’s large cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 left many wondering whether or not The Knick would return for a third season.

The Knick Could Come Back, Despite Season 2 Shocker

A new report from Variety indicates that we may actually see more episodes of The Knick on the way sometime soon.

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Steven Soderbergh's The Knick Debuts Medically Unsound Character Posters

Clive Owen and Clive Owen’s Mustache star as Dr. John W. Thackery, a brilliant Knickerbottom Hospital surgeon whose methods are far more advanced than his colleagues’. Sure, he’s secretly addicted to cocaine and stuff, but that just lets him stay up studying more, right?

Steven Soderbergh Not Retiring, In Talks To Produce The Knick With Clive Owen For Cinemax

Cinemax already has an original program with a big name attached in Alan Ball’s Banshee. Adding Soderbergh to the roster would only enhance the credibility of the subscription cable network’s schedule, which is in need of some ratings hits (sorry Strike Back).

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