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Why The Last Ship Had To Shut Down Production

As fans wait patiently for the upcoming fourth season, TNT's The Last Ship is putting its production on halt for a while. Here's what's happening.

The Last Ship Renewed For Season 4 By TNT

TNT's The Last Ship is perfect summer fare for any who love action, adventure, and some good old-fashioned viral apocalypse. Season 3 is currently on the air, and TNT has found reason to order a Season 4 already.

TNT Is Switching Back To Procedurals, Here's What We Know

The cable landscape has been changing at a rapid pace in recent years and the various channels have struggled to find ways to keep up. Now, TNT is doing a major backtrack.

13 Summer TV Shows You'd Be An Idiot Not To Watch

The fall season is generally known as the best place for television, but networks finally realized a short time ago that people still watch TV over the summer. Here are 13 summer TV shows that you definitely shouldn't miss out on, no matter what older shows are trying to tempt you into returning to them for binge sessions.

TNT Postpones The Last Ship Premiere After Orlando's Gay Bar Shooting

In the wake of tragedy, it's often hard to continue daily responsibilities, which includes the duties of broadcast television. TNT seems to be taking this very seriously, as they have just announced the postponement of their popular apocalyptic drama The Last Ship.

Without A Trace Creator Is Putting Together A Very Weird New Show

For a good chunk of the last decade, TV audiences watched Anthony LaPaglia and others tracking down missing people on Without a Trace. Now, creator Hank Steinberg has a baffling new project.

The Last Ship Has Been Renewed For Season 3

It doesn’t get much bigger or more explosive than TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship, and fans can sit back comfortably in the captain’s chair knowing that TNT has already given The Last Ship an order for Season 3.

The Last Ship, Major Crimes And Falling Skies All Renewed By TNT

The Last Ship, the law-and-justice drama Major Crimes and the sci-fi thriller Falling Skies are all officially coming back for another season, though it will be the last trip for one of them.

The Last Ship's Ratings Forecast Clear Seas Ahead

The ratings are in, and the cable network’s latest drama is absolutely crushing. On Monday, TNT let fans know that The Last Ship has been the biggest cable drama to launch in the ratings in 2014 (at least so far).

5 Reasons The Last Ship Is The TV Equivalent To The Hollywood Blockbuster

Summer has always been the season for Hollywood to bring out its biggest spectacles, giving audiences larger-than-life experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else. And that’s exactly what TNT has done with The Last Ship, bringing the tentpole action movie to the small screen, and sacrificing nothing by doing so.

The Last Ship Review: TNT's Newest Drama Is Polished, Enjoyable And Worth Your Time

The show follows those aboard the USS Nathan James, a US Navy warship that was at sea while a pandemic of mysterious origins laid waste to a giant percentage of the world’s population. On board the vessel are Commander Tom Chandler (Dane), scientist Rhona Mitra (Rachel Scott), second-in-command Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and a whole bunch of other faces we’ll presumably get to know better along the way

How Eric Dane Went From Playing McSteamy To A Navy Badass

Though Dane started his career in bit roles on sitcoms like Saved by the Bell and Roseanne, he quickly shifted into more dramatic fare, with roles on series like Gideon’s Crossing, where he also played a doctor, and Charmed. His film career also started to take off, appearing as Multiple Man in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand, the same year he wrapped the stethoscope around his neck as Dr. Sloan.

Falling Skies And Michael Bay's The Last Ship Get Trailers And June Premiere Dates

Among the series to join TNT's line-up this summer is Michael Bay's The Last Ship, which unsurprisingly, looks pretty thrilling! TNT has given that one a June release date along with releasing the above trailer. The network also released a date and trailer for the fourth season of Falling Skies.

Michael Bay's Action Drama The Last Ship Goes To Series At TNT

Though he's better known for his feature work, Michael Bay has been branching out into television lately. Starz's Black Sails is set to debut in January, and TNT's upcoming new drama The Last Ship just received a series order at the cable channel. Bay is attached to both projects. As the trailer reveals, the drama focuses on a global pandemic and the captain of a ship which plays host to a lab where a possible cure is being developed.

Adam Baldwin Replaces Lost's Titus Welliver In TNT's The Last Ship

He's the man Firefly fans call Jayne (the hero of Canton!), and Chuck fans call John Casey. Since Chuck wrapped up, Adam Baldwin has offered his acting talent to a number of TV projects, including a voice role in Transformers Prime, and guest spots on Leverage and Law & Order: SVU, not to mention an episode of Castle, which reunited him with Firefly's Nathan Fillion.

Rhona Mitra Joins The Cast Of TNT Pilot The Last Ship

Michael Bay’s The Last Ship project seems to be coming together pretty nicely. Casting officially went underway for the TNT pilot last week, and now the upcoming pilot has added one more to the cast. Strike Back’s Rhona Mitra will join the crew playing Rachel Scott, a microbiologist that is one of the survivors after a global catastrophe.

Michael Bay's The Last Ship Adds Five To The Cast Including Michaela McManus

The Last Ship is based on a popular novel by William Brinkley about the crew of a naval destroyer who are (possibly) the only survivors after a global catastrophe befalls Earth. The pilot, executive produced by Michael Bay and directed by Terminator 3’s Jonathan Mostow, has just filled five key roles. Who has enlisted to play crew members aboard the USS Nathan James?

TNT Orders Michael Bay Pilot The Last Ship

The Last Ship will follow a group of ocean-bound survivors after a worldwide catastrophe that nearly obliterates the Earth and does manage to annihilate most of the planet’s population. The new show looks like it has potential; it is, after all, based on a popular title by William Brinkley and should feature enough explosions to keep the most wandering of TV watchers entertained.

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