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USA Responds To The Onion's Video With A Funny Graphic For Beach Law

The Onion's video poking fun at USA's sun-soaked line-up of original programming did not go ignored by the cable TV network. The Onion ran a parody news broadcast of USA's announcement of their renewal of "all 90 of its current shows," including "Burn Collar" and "Covert Notice," and other original series featuring "beautiful experts pretending to be something they're not in dazzling locations." The fake announcement, which takes a jab at USA's preference for finding the lighter side of crime investigations...

Comedy Central Goes For More Fake News With Onion Sports Network

Given the inherent ridiculousness of sports programming in general-- have you seen the one where there's a timer telling them how long they're allowed to yell about a topic?-- there seems to be a whole lot to work with here

The Onion News Network Is ONN IFC In 2011

After three years online, ONN is coming to television in early 2011. IFC has picked up The Onion News Network to continue their expansion into high-brow comedy

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