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House Of Cards Actor Reg E. Cathey Has Died At 59

The actor was best known for roles on House Of Cards and The Wire.

The Wire Creator's New HBO Drama The Deuce Is Available To Watch Early

HBO just made their new series available to watch.

Melvin Williams, Kingpin Who Inspired The Wire, Dead At 73

HBO’s The Wire was a hit that followed the stories of the criminal underworld of Baltimore. One of the most curious figures of the show was Melvin Williams, whose past as a drug kingpin yielded a surprising individual whose public redemption led to a role on the show.

The 10 Greatest TV Characters Of All Time, According To Fans

Here in the world of television fandom, we rely on our main characters to keep us hooked on our favorites series year in and year out, and it’s inarguably a tough job. So cheers to these ten characters, chosen by fans as the greatest TV figures of all time.

The Wire's Michael K. Williams Tried To Play Omar In Real Life

Actor Michael K. Williams has been in the business for a long time, but he’s probably still best known for his breakthrough role on The Wire, playing Omar Little, a stick-up man from the streets who gains increasing prominence as the series goes on.

Here's How To Do Clay Davis' Epic Catchphrase From The Wire

While movie and TV characters are normally the ones with catchphrases that audiences love repeating, sometimes the actors themselves manage to attach themselves to a particular word or phrase. In this case, it’s The Wire star Isiah Whitlock Jr, who has turned the word “shit” into a drawn-out television institution. Now he's teaching people how to say it.

The Wire Almost Had A Spinoff About This Major Character

Unlike some TV shows that burn through a good story and fizzle out, HBO’s The Wire could have lasted a dozen more seasons, with Ed Burns and David Simon’s all-encompassing storytelling malleable enough to adjust to almost any kind of plot direction. But it turns out HBO wasn’t all about hearing every single story the two show creators had to tell.

10 Great TV Shows That Should Be Streaming On Netflix

While online streaming is still a ways away from completely replacing traditional television viewing, it is ubiquitous enough at this point to make "Why isn't this show on Netflix yet?" a fairly common inquiry. As such, here are ten completed series that Netflix needs to add to its stocked library posthaste, so that we may forget things like Hemlock Grove exist.

Oscar Isaac And Catherine Keener To Lead David Simon's HBO Miniseries Show Me A Hero

David Simon, creator of HBO’s The Wire, is gearing up to make TV audiences praise his name again with another hard-hitting social drama. HBO has officially given the greenlight to Simon’s Show Me a Hero, a politics-filled miniseries led by the talented Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener.

The Wire, The Sopranos And Other HBO Series Now Available Streaming On Amazon Prime

The time has arrived, Amazon Prime users! Today, Amazon's streaming video service has rolled out their first wave of HBO content. That includes six seasons of The Sopranos, three seasons of Deadwood and five seasons of The Wire, among other beloved HBO series, all available streaming on Amazon Prime for your viewing pleasure.

True Blood, The Sopranos And Other HBO Shows Headed To Amazon Prime, HBO Go Coming To Fire TV

HBO series are coming to Amazon Prime. This sounds like a pretty big get for Amazon, especially considering HBO hasn't regularly made their series available through streaming video services outside of their own HBO Go. The multiyear deal will not only include a number of popular previously-aired series, but also eventually some of HBO's current series, Girls and The Newsroom included.

15+ Premium Cable TV Offerings For Holiday Binge-Watching

There are way too many good TV shows available to us today. We live in a world of modern riches; an over-abundance of goodness so vibrant it’s terribly easy to miss the good stuff. There’s just so much TV to watch, you see! Especially when you take into consideration television's biggest innovator: the premium network. For-pay stars like HBO, Showtime, and even Cinemax have pushed the medium where it’s never gone before, and paved the way for the likes of AMC and others today.

The Wire's Dominic West To Star In Showtime Drama The Affair

Dominic West may be headed back to pay-cable! The Wire actor has been tapped to star in Showtime's drama pilot The Affair, about a married man and father whose life changes drastically when he meets a woman he thinks might be his soul mate. Judging by the title, things progress - or regress, depending on your point of view on infidelity - substantially from there.

The Wire's Robert F. Chew Has Died

Sad news for fans of The Wire’s Proposition Joe. Robert F. Chew, who played the role on the HBO series for five seasons, has passed away at the age of 52. He was found dead in his Baltimore apartment yesterday, January 19th, and his death has been ruled to be of natural causes.

The Wire Writers Dennis Lehane And George Pelecanos Headed To Boardwalk Empire For Season 4

In what can only be described as a brilliant move, HBO has tapped The Wire well for additional writers on the upcoming season of Boardwalk Empire. Despite some complaints, the third year of Terrence Winter's bootlegging drama has turned out great but that doesn't mean the help of novelists Dennis Lehane and George Pelecanos, both veterans of the Baltimore set sprawling drug series, isn't welcome for Season 4.

FlixWorthy: The Wire On Amazon, Death Valley On Hulu, And More

Amazon has The Wire and Life on Mars, Hulu unearths MTV's underrated Death Valley, and Netflix crosses swords with Highlander: The Series. Find out what's new in the world of streaming TV in this week's installment of FlixWorthy!

The Wire's Michael K. Williams And Others Reunite For A Musical Spoof Of The HBO Series

HBO's The Wire never got its shark-jumping musical episode. But now, thanks to Funny or Die, you can see what the musical version of The Wire you never asked for might have looked like. Needless to say, it's pretty disturbing, but then again, so was The Wire during some of its darker moments.

Amazon Has The Complete Run Of HBO's The Wire For Seventy Bucks

If, like me, you were late to the game on HBO's fantastic crime series The Wire, Christmas has come early courtesy of Amazon. The online retailer has marked the complete series box sex of the show down 64% as its Gold Box deal of the day, which means you can pick up all 60 episodes of The Wire for a paltry $72.49.

Wire Creator David Simon Says He'll Do Another Season When Drug Policy Is Altered

It'll be a cold day in hell before we see any more episodes of The Wire, but in the long run, that's probably better. Best to let something brilliant end in dramatic fashion rather than continue for one more go around past its prime

The U.S. Attorney General Wants Another Season Of The Wire

Talk about fans in high places. HBO's The Wire, created by Ed Burns and David Simon, has received no end of praise over the years, often being held up as an example of the heights serialized TV storytelling can reach. And like any show that has wrapped up its run, there have been plenty of calls for its return. None of those requests, however, have come from the Attorney General of the United States of America. Until now, that is.

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