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When Will Toy Story Of TERROR Air Again: View The Schedule Here

Did you miss ABC's broadcast of the excellent and sure-to-be-a-classic Disney Pixar Halloween special Toy Story of TERROR!? Well, rest assured, it's going to air again, though you probably won't find it on ABC. Additional airings of the special are scheduled for Disney's cable channels, with the first re-airing scheduled for this Saturday, as ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween event kicks off.

Toy Story Of TERROR! Review: Funny And Adventurous, More Toy Story Than Terror

Obviously, Toy Story of Terror's shortened timeframe makes it something of a junior version of its feature-film predecessors, but it has everything a Toy Story film would offer, in smaller doses, from the humor -- particularly in the meta way Mr. Pricklepants occasionally narrates their situation as it would relate to a horror movie -- to adventure, to a lesson about bravery and determination, and of course, heart. There's always plenty of that.

Toy Story Of TERROR! Images Tease Woody, Jessie, Buzz And Combat Carl

October is nearly upon us and with it comes Halloween and all of the spooky-scary specials that TV has to offer, including the anticipated Toy Story of Terror, Disney-Pixar's Toy Story Halloween special, which is set to air on ABC in mid-October. ABC released some photos from the special, including the one above, which shows us Trixie, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Mr. Pricklepants, Buzz Lightyear and Combat Carl.

Toy Story Of Terror Teaser Offers Laughs, Cobwebs And...Terror!

I cannot wait for ABC’s upcoming Toy Story of Terror, which released the first trailer for the spooky half-hour special on Thursday. This is the same trailer that was shown to the crowds at D23 earlier this year, so if you were part of the lucky ones that got to see it, you probably won’t be as impressed as the rest of us.

Toy Story Of Terror Coming To ABC On October 16

I have to assume the Pixar team, including director Angus MacLane, will be peppering this short with nods to famous horror movies, particularly those that take place in and around a motel. I doubt anyone gets murdered in a shower here, but it would be nice if a less bloody Psycho reference is made, like a room full of stuffed birds or something.

Toy Story TV Special Toy Story Of Terror Coming Fall 2013

When we talked to Pixar's Mark Walsh and Kim Adams this summer about the Toy Story animated short Partysaurus Rex, which screened ahead of Finding Nemo 3D, it sounded like there might be some new Toy Story projects in the works at Pixar, though neither Walsh or Adams could talk about it at the time. So it's exciting, though not entirely surprising, to learn that Pixar has a Toy Story Halloween special in the works.

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