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True Detective Season 3 Is Officially Happening, Get The Details

Fans of HBO's True Detective have been waiting a couple of years now for news of whether or not a third season is on the way. Now, we have some very good news about the future of the series.

True Detective Season 3 Just Took A Big Step Foward

HBO has revealed some exciting announcements about True Detective Season 3.

True Detective Season 3 Is Apparently Still Happening, And It May Have Its First Star

HBO seems to finally be making progress on a third season of the hit show True Detective, and a major star may have just signed on to lead.

The Excellent Reason Why True Detective Season 3 Just Got A Lot More Likely

True Detective was a huge hit for HBO back in its first season in 2014, but its future has been in question after the lackluster Season 2. Now, we have a huge new reason to believe that a Season 3 could be in the cards.

Could True Detective Return With Its Original Cast? Here's What Matthew McConaughey Says

After a Season 2 that ground the show to an abrupt halt, could True Detective return to the cast of Season 1 for a new storyline? Here's what Matthew McConaughey has to say about it.

HBO Finally Addressed Those True Detective Season 3 Rumors

After a poorly received second season, the fate of True Detective has been up in the air. Now HBO has finally addressed rumors of if the formally acclaimed show will return.

Matthew McConaughey Back For More True Detective? Here's What The Actor Says

For his first major television role in the freshman season of HBO's True Detective, Matthew McConaughey delivered a performance that was more effective than the entirety of some actors' careers. Is he willing to come back for another round of smoke-hazed nihilism, though?

Why True Detective Season 3 May Not Be Happening

Despite the fact that True Detective Season 2 was widely considered to be a disaster, HBO has said for a long time that Season 3 could happen so long as creator Nic Pizzolatto should want it. Now, it seems like the subscription cable network might be changing its tune, for a very good reason.

Why True Detective Season 2 Failed, According To HBO's President

Critics and audiences have widely seen True Detective Season 2 as a failure, and now HBO President Michael Lombardo has spoken out in a recent interview to explain why he thinks True Detective ultimately failed this time around.

5 Struggling TV Shows That Need To Get Better

Let’s face it, some of our favorites have fallen a little short of expectations as of late. But, we keep watching. I like to call this “hope-watching.” It’s the simple idea of holding on to a show when it’s really not working for you anymore, all in the hope that it’ll light your world on fire again. Now, here’s a few shows that need to get better in order to hold our attention for much longer.

True Detective Season 3 Will Almost Certainly Happen, Here's Why

Though Season 2 of HBO’s anthology series True Detective wasn't praised as much as Season 1, that doesn’t mean that viewers aren’t still interested in seeing where this series will go in the future. Luckily, Season 3 seems like more of a lock than not.

Why Famed Director David Cronenberg Wanted No Part Of True Detective Season 2

David Cronenberg, acclaimed director of such iconic films as The Fly and Crash, was reportedly offered the chance to direct an episode during True Detective Season Two, but passed on it. Why?

True Detective Season 2 Finale Does Not Make Up For The Rest Of The Season

It was a seemingly impossible task for tonight’s super-sized finale to make total sense of the previous seven episodes, and even though the central storylines were tied up and fates were sealed, this was still a lacking ending to an overly convoluted season.

The True Detective Season 2 Finale Will Be Really Long

HBO and some of the cast members have been optimistic about the series finale. Now we’ve learned an exciting new tidbit about Season 2, Episode 8: It’s going to be really, really long.

Will True Detective Return For Season 3? Here's What HBO Says

HBO currently has more than two times as many comedies as it does dramas. And if the Internet's current level of anti-praise for Season 2 of True Detective was any indication, it would have been gone already. So is a Season 3 still possible?

What HBO Actually Thinks Of True Detective Season 2

A quick search for True Detective-related opinion pieces may have you thinking that the majority of the show’s large viewership is just watching Season 2 in a masochistic attempt to test all limits. But not everybody is so adamantly against it.

This TV Orgy Supercut Includes A Ton Of Nude Scenes

a variety of sitcoms and dramas on television have managed to tackle orgies over the past few years and now they can be viewed together in this fabulous orgy supercut. Before you check it out, we will say that while the video is tame as far as orgies are concerned, it’s still probably not best checked out while at work.

Was True Detective's Little Stunt A Sweet Cliffhanger Or A Cheap Trick?

In just two episodes, Season 2 of True Detective has done many things to distance itself from Season 1. One of those ways seemingly came with last week’s “Night Finds You,” and Episode 3 added more to the story. Spoilers abound.

More People Are Watching True Detective Than Ever

While many people would probably choose not to believe it, Game of Thrones Season 5 is no more, with last week’s finale bringing in monster ratings to HBO. Could the timeslot follow-up, the Season 2 premiere of True Detective, maintain the commanding viewership?

True Detective Season 2 Review: A Great Cast Balances The Excessively Dark Story

Through its dense first season, HBO's True Detective became a pop culture phenomenon. For Season 2, creator Nic Pizzolatto left out the Yellow King and the potential for the supernatural, but still compounded the dark and gritty for a similarly captivating and convoluted murder case.

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