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Star Wars Rebels Will Launch Disney Series With TV Movie

Fans of Star Wars have plenty to be excited about in the next two years, what with the release of Star Wars: Episode VII set for December 2015. Additionally, Disney and Lucasfilm have teamed up to produce a new animated series, Star Wars Rebels, which will get its debut following a TV movie to usher in the new series and set the stage for the aforementioned cinematic sequel this summer.

Nick Cannon Brings Drumline Sequel To VH1

Where Nick Cannon leads, Viacom follows. It was announced today that one of the entertainment mega-corporation’s subsidiary networks, VH1, has given the green light to a TV movie sequel of Drumline the popular 2002 film. Cannon will star in and executive produce the sequel, currently titled — albeit a working one — Drumline: A New Beat that’s said to have a more female bent to it.

Argo's Clea Duvall And The Killing's Billy Campbell Join Lifetime's Lizzie Borden Movie

Another American Horror Story: Asylum star has signed on for a Lizzie Borden project, only it's not the same project. Both HBO and Lifetime are developing Borden's story for the small screen. Clea Duvall is set to play a role in Lifetime's planned biopic. Her casting comes along with word that The Killing's Billy Campbell has also boarded the TV movie, which will star Christina Ricci as the tried and acquitted woman accused of murdering her father and stepmother.

Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Movie First Look Photo Shows Agnes Bruckner In Character

Lifetime has a number of biopics in the works, including a TV movie based on the Jodi Arias murder trial and another that tells the tale of Bonnie and Clyde. And, as the photo above reminds us, a movie about Anna Nicole Smith.

Lifetime's Jodi Arias Movie Premiere Date Set For June

The jury may not have been able to come to a unanimous agreement on the sentencing verdict for Jodi Arias, but that hasn't stopped Lifetime from setting a premiere date for the film that's set to be made, based on the convicted murderer's story. Lifetime will air the two-hour TV movie on Saturday, June 22, a little less than a month from now.

Lindsay Lohan Will Take On Elizabeth Taylor In Lifetime's Biopic

Lohan is officially set to take on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s original TV movie, Liz & Dick. Because the role will especially follow Taylor’s romance with two-time husband Burton, who were married, divorced, re-married and re-divorced in the sixties and seventies, the role is bound to be a juicy one.

Anne Heche And James Tupper Team Up For Girl Fight On Lifetime

It looks like Lifetime is planning their own version of a Tosh.0's web redemption with Girl Fight. The new made for TV movie tells true story of Victoria Lindsay, a sixteen girl who was viciously assaulted by her 'friends' while they recorded the whole thing for... posterity?

Robert Pattinson's TV Movie The Bad Mother's Handbook Airs Saturday

Somewhere in between his stints as brooding heart-throb Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and as brooding heart-throb Edward Cullen in Twilight, our boy Robert Pattinson (RPattz to some... never to me) managed to squeeze in this gem... the British TV Movie The Bad Mother's Handbook.

Battlestar Galactica Prequel Movie Set To Premiere Next Year

It’s hard to believe there are only ten more episodes of Battlestar Galactica left to air. Sure, we have to wait until some unknown date in 2009 to see the first of the remaining episodes but all the same, the series will be coming to an end. Fortunately, we have Caprica to look forward to and now it looks like we’ll be getting a prequel TV movie to BSG as well!

Eric Stoltz Starts With A Blank Slate For TNT

The gorgeous Eric Stoltz has scored a new role in the TV movie, Blank Slate for TNT. The movie is going to be the precursor to a new series with the same name, also developed by TNT. The movie will also star Clancy Brown and Lisa Brenner.

Lifetime To Make A Movie About The Fab Five Cheerleaders

Calling themselves the “Fab Five,” the girls disregarded rules and authority on a regular basis. Their parents and teachers weren’t doing anything to stop it and it probably would’ve gone on, had their cheerleading coach not gone to the press with it. It sounds a little like a movie and in fact, that’s exactly what the Lifetime channel plans to do with the story.

TV Review: Knight Rider

One of the downsides to remakes and spin-offs of classic TV series is that we often raise our expectations up so high that it’s almost impossible for the new show or in this case, TV movie to meet them. I can accept that though, which is why I usually allow for a bit of disappointment in cases like these. Unfortunately, Knight Rider not only failed to live up to the hype, but it didn’t even come close to what I was hoping it would be.

Good News For A Few Series, But Not For Friday Night Lights

Now, even the possibility of it coming back for a third season is looking pretty grim. E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos is reporting that NBC’s newest plan for the beloved show is to “wrap it up” with a 2-hour TV movie. That’s better than never seeing the gang again, but come on. That’s not nearly enough. There’s also the possibility of the series moving to another network, but so far, there’s been no news on that front.

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