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Could Twin Peaks Actually Get Another Season? Here's What David Lynch Says

With Twin Peaks: The Return officially wrapped up, talks have been circulating about another season. Here's what David Laynch has to say about a possible new season.

Why Trying To Explain Twin Peaks Is Unfair To Viewers, According To One Star

Twin Peaks: The Return certainly inspired a lot of questions, and one star told CinemaBlend why it wouldn't be fair to offer any answers.

Twin Peaks' Revival Got Slammed By A Longtime Show Veteran

Watching Twin Peaks: The Return put a lot of viewers on edge, but it was nothing compared to one series vet's complaints about the experience behind the scenes.

How Twin Peaks' Finale Wrapped Up Agent Dale Cooper's Story

Twin Peaks came to an end tonight on Showtime, finally bringing Dale Cooper's story to and end. Sort of.

Twin Peaks Made Some Of Its Biggest And Craziest Reveals Yet

Twin Peaks offered up one of its most enjoyable episodes yet, and "Part 14" was full of big moments.

Twin Peaks Episode Airs One Week Early, Probably Didn't Seem That Weird To Viewers

Twin Peaks returned to the small screen in 2017 for a revival that was 26 years in the making. Unfortunately, a recent mishap resulted in a new episode airing a full week earlier than intended.

Twin Peaks Just Revealed How Major Briggs Fits Into The Story...Sort Of

Twin Peaks returned to Showtime after a week off and seemingly offered answers about how Major Briggs ties into everything.

How Kyle MacLachlan Feels About Twin Peaks' Use Of Actors Who Passed Away

Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan spoke about the show's use of former cast members that have died, and how he feels about it all.

The 9 Best New TV Shows That Debuted In 2017 So Far

TV has already been downright incredible in 2017, and here are the 9 best shows that have premiered so far.

The New Twin Peaks Casting Process Was As Weird As The Show

Twin Peaks is the weirdest show on television so it only makes sense that it has a casting process to match. One actor reveals what their odd audition was like for the Twin Peaks revival.

How Many People Actually Watched The Twin Peaks Premiere

The Twin Peaks revival event series finally premiered last weekend to massively positive critical response, but how many people actually watched it? Hit the jump to find out if that cherry pie is still the best in the world.

David Lynch's Blunt Opinion Of Twin Peaks Season 2 Is Hilarious

While Twin Peaks may be remembered as being a hugely successful cult series, it wasn't all doughnuts and coffee all the time. The second season isn't remembered too fondly, and David Lynch has his own thoughts about it.

Twin Peaks Trailer Gives Us Our First New Look At The Town

A lot of time has passed since Twin Peaks went off the air, but even small logging towns in Washington have to change a little. Check out a new trailer for the Twin Peaks revival showing off some familiar locations.

How David Lynch Kept The Twin Peaks Cast From Dropping Spoilers

Twin Peaks is as high-profile as TV revivals come but we still know almost nothing about it. Well, that's exactly how David Lynch likes it. Here's how he kept the actors from spilling secrets.

Twin Peaks Actor Warren Frost Dead At 91

Warren Frost, who played Doc Hayward on Twin Peaks, has passed away at the age of 91. Here is everything we currently know.

NCIS: Los Angeles And Twin Peaks Actor Miguel Ferrer Dead At 61

Miguel Ferrer, one of TV's all-time greatest 'ohhh that guy' supporting actors, passed away following a long battle with cancer. He was only sixty-one-years-old but still somehow found time to appear in a murderer's row of classic projects including Twin Peaks and the original RoboCop.

Watch Agent Dale Cooper Return In New Twin Peaks Promo

Twin Peaks is one of the most highly-anticipated revivals in the works for the small screen, and Showtime has officially released a glimpse of Kyle MacLachlan back as Agent Cooper. Check it out!

Did Showtime Just Leak When Twin Peaks Is Premiering?

Nearly everything about the existence of Twin Peaks' revival has been unconfirmed, but it looks like Showtime might have revealed when the drama will premiere.

New Twin Peaks Video Is David Lynch At His Oddest

2017 will bring fervent audiences back to the mysterious and absurd small town of Twin Peaks, and co-creator David Lynch himself is at the center of a brand new teaser.

Which Cancelled TV Show Has The Biggest Cult Following, According To IMDB

The brightest stars always burn out the quickest. Check out which cancelled TV show has the biggest cult following based on IMDB user ratings.

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