To be honest, I would have thought it to go the other way. ABC's the forgotten was very quickly just that. Nevertheless, they've given the Christian Slater drama an additional five episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The same report announced that ABC has seen quite enough of Eastwick, thank you very much. The remake of The Witches of Eastwick never really clicked with viewers, and despite being part of a strong Wednesday night comedy block on ABC, couldn't quite generate any ratings magic of its own.

Nevertheless, ABC says they are committed to airing all 13 episodes they've committed to, a new trend in network television this season (used to be when a show was canceled it was replaced immediately with some newsmagazine or reality crap. With things tighter in the TV economy, the need is there to squeeze as many dollars as they can out of their investments.

I hope this trend continues, but it also can help to re-instill faith in the viewers that a network might not so hastily pull the plug on a show and yank it from the schedule. A lot of the fear people have these days with committing to a network series is the fear that once you fall in love with it, it will vanish with nary a word of warning. Restoring that faith will help the networks in the long run. At the least, if you're ensured of the initial order, you can hope that the creators at least saw fit to give you a somewhat satisfying ending at that point.

My problem with Eastwick, because I did try to watch it at first, is that it never really figured out what it wanted to be. Was it just a soap opera drama with mystical elements, or was it a magical mystery tour. It had enough of the latter, that it needed some sort of arc direction, and never really established one either. Yes, there was the investigation into the true identity and secret past of Darryl Van Horne, but even that was poking along at a snails pace. Maybe Eastwick should have been a daytime drama instead.

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