Who do you think is the highest paid woman on television? If you factored in reality stars and talk shows hosts the answer might be different and horrifying-- Snooki? Paula Abdul?-- but when you just limit it to actresses, the top earner is a very deserving one. According to Forbes, Tina Fey tops the list of the highest paid woman in television , bringing in $13 million last year. But it will probably surprise you all over again to learn that tying her for the top position is Eva Longoria, who's paid nicely for her role on Desperate Housewives but also has a handful of endorsement deals to line her bank accounts.

Even though Housewives seems to be limping into its eighth and final season, Longoria's co-stars also populate the list-- Marcia Cross came in third with $10 million (tying Mariska Hargitay and Marg Helgenberger), and Felicity Huffman and Teri Hatcher tied for fifth at $9 million each. Rounding out the list are Cougar Town star Courteney Cox, recent Emmy winner and Good Wife star Julianna Marguiles, and Ellen Pompeo-- Grey's Anatomy is just as old and languishing as Housewives, but apparently ABC pays the female anchors of its hit dramas very well for their work.

The depressing thing about this list is that, aside from Fey and Cox, it leaves out pretty much all of the women who are actually doing interesting things on television, like Amy Poehler on Parks & Recreation, Kristen Wiig on SNL, or the many female talents of Community. Television is often touted as the place for actresses to go get the kind of work they're never offered in movies that want to cast them as girlfriends or domineering bosses, but TV still doesn't seem to be a place where quality is rewarded as often as it ought to be.

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