Michael Bay is a lot of things. He’s a director and a producer, as well as a big kid who likes to play with explosions. Bay is well known for making movies, despite having dabbled in music videos and documentaries, as well. One arena he has not really worked in as much is television, but that seems to be changing, thanks to a couple of projects with oddly similar titles.

A couple of months ago, we reported Michael Bay was involving himself with his first ever scripted television series. Called Black Sails, production of the Treasure Island prequel is expected to head over the high seas to begin shooting later this year in Cape Town, South Africa. Now, the master of action has a second television project in the works that sounds nearly as adventurous as his first endeavor.

It seems Bay is currently really interested in producing projects referencing boats, because the Transformers director is now set to executive produce The Last Ship for TNT that will also be produced by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre alums Brad Fuller and Andrew Form and two TV guys, Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane.

The Last Ship will follow a group of ocean-bound survivors after a worldwide catastrophe that nearly obliterates the Earth and does manage to annihilate most of the planet’s population. The new show looks like it has potential; it is, after all, based on a popular title by author William Brinkley and should feature enough explosions to keep the most wandering of TV watchers entertained.

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