Treme’s time on HBO ended this past weekend, arguably years too early, but viewers won’t have to wait long to see the cable network’s next Louisiana-based series, as the haunting drama True Detective will start up on Sunday, January 12. With a handful of dark and dirty trailers already released, the series is shooting for something a little different with its most recent preview, seen above. Instead of taking us deeper into the mystery of the serial killer at the center of the narrative, we’re given a different take on the two main characters that we’ve barely gotten to know as it is: Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rusty Cohle (Matthew McConaughey).

Michelle Monaghan, who plays Marty’s wife Maggie, delivers a soft-spoken voiceover that takes us into the heart of these two leads. Marty appears to be the nice guy who doesn’t know any better, not quite sure of the person he is inside, while Rusty is the assuredly hardheaded guy who knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t want. It’s obvious that both men are severely affected by the unsolved murders they’re investigating, and now we realize that their work has indirectly affected Marty’s family in a bad way. Harrelson is the kind of actor who is always more enjoyable when he’s playing a happy-go-lucky character, but it looks like the smiles are few and far between in True Detective.

The central story behind the series is the investigation of a bizarre and violent murder that occurred in 1995 that pits our two leads together. Unsolved for 17 years, the case is reopened at some point after Rusty grows a Sam Elliot-style mustache. What happened during those years in between is anyone’s guess, but I’m guessing it involved some hard drinking and drug use.

These trailers are full of quotable lines, and the most striking and potentially relevant one in this one is “Memory is a slippery transaction. When someone’s telling you the truth, it’s their truth, isn’t it?” This has all kinds of implications, as it may refer to what Marty tells Maggie about his work life, or perhaps what suspects are telling the authorities. It might even be a clue to audiences that not everything we see is the truth. It’s hard to know the series’ ratio between mystery and drama at this point.

If you’re like me, you’re going to be glued to your seat on January 12 for the premiere episode, directed (as all of the episodes are) by Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre). Check out one of the less introspective trailers below.

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