It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the return of CBS’ Two and a Half Men drew huge numbers. The ratings are in and as expected, a whole lot of people tuned in to watch Ashton Kutcher make his grand (wet) entrance onto the comedy show.

According to Deadline, a whopping 27.7 million people tuned in to watch the Season 9 premiere of Two and a Half Men. After Charlie Sheen’s well-publicized departure from the series last year, Ashton Kutcher was brought in to fill the void left by Sheen’s character Charlie Harper. Last night revealed (confirmed the rumors of) the details Harper's gruesome death, and delivered Kutcher's character billionaire Walden Schmidt.

As Deadline notes, it’s likely that the novelty of Sheen’s exit and Kutcher’s entrance enticed a lot of non-fans of the series to watch. It’s probably safe to assume the ratings will begin to fall and settle at a more reasonable number in the coming weeks.

In other ratings news, 2 Broke Girls benefited from the Men lead-in with a 7 rating (by comparison to Men’s 10.3). NBC’s The Playboy Club premiered to about 5 million viewers last night. It’s not the greatest start, but things could pick up for the show. And NBC's a cappella competition The Sing-Off did a little bit better than TPC, taking in 5.2 million viewers for its two-hour season premiere (and first fall debut).

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