I’m not usually a huge UFC fan. That’s an understatement. I’m not a UFC fan. However, I appreciate the beauty of Starz and Anchor Bay Media’s upcoming UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection [2012 Edition] set. The anthology will feature over 200 fights and over 50 hours of total footage, including more than 75 fights that have never been available for purchase on DVD. Don’t take my word for it, though, check out the trailer for the set, below.

UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection will hit DVD on November 6. The set follows some of the biggest fights beginning in July 2011 and ending at the close of June 2012. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Junior dos Santos will all pop up on the disc (That latter name is especially relevant, since dos Santos is mentioned in the upcoming release of Here Comes the Boom).

Since past editions have also included some “Best of” bonus material, I would guess the upcoming set will get a little bit of bonus treatment. Unfortunately, we don’t have the full list of fights or extras, yet, but we do can tell you what the box art will look like.

It would take a very dedicated fan to get through all 200 fights, but the set will be out well before the holidays, and could be the perfect gift for the right fan. I say right, because it won’t come cheaply. The DVD set will run for $134.98, although it’s currently at a discount on pre-order at Amazon.

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