“I think I’m dumb sometimes because I’m so smart.” – So, says Darlen of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. The Bad Girls’ bickering got so out of hand on today’s episode of Tyra that the talk show host actually walked off the stage and didn’t come back until they calmed down. On tonight’s episode of The Bad Girls Club, the drama is just as bad (or good, depending on how you look at it. Check out a clip from the episode right here!

Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club centers on a group of wild women who love to argue, drink, party and get into trouble. It usually doesn’t take much to get them to turn on each other. Such is the case tonight when some of the girls would rather get drunk than take the house meeting seriously.

The Bad Girls Club ¿ They¿re Turning on Each Other

Posted Feb 08, 2008

Tanisha and Jennavecia prank and punch their way to a battle for the "alpha female" crown. Newly sober Darlen reexamines The Party Girls and starts to doubt her place in the clique. Catch the show on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on the Oxygen Network.

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