AMC's two biggest hits are The Walking Dead and Mad Men, so it makes sense that someone would eventually slam the two together. It doesn't take long for the most popular of pop culture to be mashed together and every now and then, something amusing and clever comes out of the usually pointless exercise.The best Mad Men mash-up remains Sterling Archer Draper Pryce, memes made by combing Archer quotes with stills from the 60s set advertising drama. Last week's Game of Thrones and Mad Men premiere confusion video from Funny or Die called Sunday is Coming was also pretty funny.

This time, the YouTube comedy channel
barely political came up with an all AMC collision, making Walking Dead Mad Men. I would have called it "Walking Mad Dead Men" but that's just me. Take a look.

Video found via ScreenCrush.

The title sequence might be the best part of the video, which doesn't bode well for the rest, but it actually is pretty amusing all the way through. The Mad Men half of the video is a little more effective than the bits with 'Rick' and 'Herschel' although I did enjoy the way 'Lori' is portrayed, quickly getting with Zombie Don and exclaiming, "I thought you were dead." The opening meeting is probably the most clever as the ad exec zombies discuss the emerging market of the walking dead they really need to start exploiting. What did you think of the video? A worthy mash-up? It's at least appropriate that The Walking Dead be mentioned on the weekend of the most famous zombie of all. Happy Easter.

Mad Men airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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