Thanks to his time on the local news in Indiana, his appearances on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, his NBC morning show, his post-Carson show and finally, his current Late Show, David Letterman has been on the air in some form or another for over forty years. In his current position in the nice chair on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman, the host has worked for exactly twenty years. That anniversary was celebrated last night, and like usual, Bill Murray was on hand for the occasion with at least one trick up his sleeve.

As you can see in the above clip from last night’s special anniversary episode, Murray decided to get his Liberace on. He came out in a stunning white automobile complete with a tanned man and a tiny dog. Later, he told the audience he didn’t have time for them and quipped he only bought the dog because he needed something to go with his stunning outfit. For most other guests, the schtick would have been pretty weird, but for Murray, it’s pretty much par for the course. The beloved comedian, a longtime buddy of Letterman’s, was the first guest on the comic’s original late night program in 1982, and he was the first guest on The Late Show all the way back in 1993. Over the years, he’s been around to celebrate all of the milestones, and he always brings his A-game.

If that Liberace enterance didn’t win you over, the following clip probably will. It was also seen last night, and it features the former Saturday Night Live cast member taking a knife and a jackhammer to the stage to uncover a time capsule he supposedly buried two decades ago. Watch the hilarity below…

Letterman may not have won many of the ratings battles over the years, but he certainly bested his counterparts in Emmy nominations, critical acclaim and influence on a generation of comedians. Fellow late night host Jimmy Kimmel practically worships the ground he walks on, and even President Barack Obama heaped gushing praise on him recently. It’s unclear how many more years Letterman might push forward, but considering he’s still competitive and still making people laugh, I certainly hope he doesn’t quit for awhile.

Here’s to hoping Bill Murray is back in a half decade to celebrate 25 years, ideally dressed as someone else ridiculous.

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