FX has created a great slate of original programming with their own brand of off-beat but original and compelling shows. In terms of comedy, the network definitely made its name with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but has since developed several more hilarious half-hours including Louis C.K.'s Louie and, more recently, the darkly funny Wilfred. The latter two series will both air on the same night, and with the addition of the intriguing (and possible train wreck) Anger Management with Charlie Sheen and Russel Brand's Strangely Uplifting, FX might be taking over the mantle of 'Must-See TV Thursday' starting on June 28.

And while we've yet to see much from either of the new series, or anything from the returning cult favorite from the most popular comedian on the planet, FX has just released a few brief promos for the second season of Wilfred. Those of who who missed the first season, fear not, these two previews do a great job of reintroducing the characters and the main conceit, without focusing much on where the story has been or is headed. While that may seem like a bit of a let-down for fans looking for some sense of the second season's narrative trajectory, don't worry, there is plenty of time for that so you might as well just enjoy the clever spots that once again play with the most basic comedic element of the show, a mischievous dog(suited man) and his owner. Take a look.

The two promos are simple yet effective. The first highlighting the the fact that even though Wilfred is technically a dog, when he's with Elijah Wood's Ryan, he doesn't always want to do canine activities. Especially those he finds degrading. Don't worry, there are still a lot of activities that the dog does enjoy, with also contributes to the comedy - sometimes he plays like a pup and other times he finds it demeaning. And the second promo is a perfect spoof of what is probably the most classic dog scene of all time, the spaghetti sequence from Lady and the Tramp. This time, a little less romantic but enough to have me excited for the comedy's return. What do you think?

Wilfred premieres Thrusday, June 28 at 10 p.m. ET on FX. It stars Elijah Wood, Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann. It was created by Jason Gann, Adam Zwar and Tony Rogers and adapted from their Australian series of the same name.

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