You know, the idea of making a scripted comedy based on Cesar Millan's work as The Dog Whisperer makes perfect sense. The man has built an empire out of understanding and training animals, which is more than just a little ridiculous. The only problem I have with it is that, according to Variety, Millan himself is attached to the project, which probably limits how much they can make fun of him.

Instead, what we'll probably wind up with is a pretty standard sitcom with Wilmer Valderrama as the "Dog Whisperer" character. Now, FOX has a script-plus penalty order on this series, so it should make it to pilot at least. And it's being written by Emily Kapnek, who co-executive produces HBO's surprisingly solid Hung.

Maybe, that means this show will surprise as well. Or maybe Millan has enough of a sense of humor that they can spotlight how truly ridiculous all of his fame and success is. He's not quite at the level of a dog psychic, but it seems pretty damned close at times. He did run the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles. You know, they haven't opened my local chapter of that, yet.

Personally, I think a show where Valderrama plays a pet psychic would be so much better. They could call it a spin-off of Psych, or if they wanted to make it even more surreal, have Valderrama's character really believe he can talk to animals. Call it Dr.Do-Little-Get-Paid-Way-Too-Much-For-It.

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