Zach Braff is probably best known for acting in the successful comedy series Scrubs, however, the man often dabbles in other arenas, and has also earned TV and movie credits as a writer, director, and producer. While Braff has slowed down in all over those areas over the past couple of years, he’s looking to get back into TV with the comedy project Garage Bar.

While the title sort of implies a hangout garage similar to That Seventies Show’s basement but with alcohol, apparently the endeavor will follow a group of friends that get along great, until fame causes some problems in the group’s dynamics. This is because one member of the group becomes a popular musical act. Can you imagine going from Katy Perry’s friends six years ago to Perry’s friends today? If Garage Bar goes to pilot, things are bound to get a little complicated.

Braff is on board to pen, direct, and executive produce the project, which ABC has bought. According to Deadline, the project is not coming from ABC studios, where Scrubs ended its final season. Instead, the project will be produced by Braff, alongside Twentieth Century Fox TV. The buying situation seems at least a little competitive, with Deadline also noting Garage Bar was pitched to multiple networks before landing with ABC. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Braff doesn’t have a ton of experience--sans his lengthy tenure on Scrubs--but between Scrubs and Garden State, his track record is pretty successful.

TV Blend will keep you posted if Garage Bar gets a pilot order, hopefully with a new title.

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