Joining MTV's growing list of scripted series is Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous, a comedy from Dan Lagana and series star Bo Burnham. The series premieres Thursday night and stars Burnham as fresh-out-of-high school teen who's decided to forgo college in exchange for pursuing a life of fame and fortune. As you can see in the video above, that includes hiring a camera crew to follow him around.

Burnham's character, Zach Stone, is said to have no real talent, but that hasn't stopped other people from achieving fame, fortune and social status, so it's not entirely hard to understand why he might decide to call it quits on formal education and aim for fame instead. Whether or not he has any chance at success is another story. His attempts at fame include trying to become a celebrity chef and a ring-tone recording artist and at one point, he'll purposely go missing. If you think about all the different ways people get famous, there are probably more than enough scenarios to be used by the character in his efforts to become known, and plenty of opportunity for great laughs.

The sneak peek above seems to focus on Zach's attempts to get a girl's attention by using information from her Facebook page. His efforts are barely masked, which calls to question Zach's ingenuity, especially when we factor in how overly confident he is about applying a few facts toward his flirtation.

The first episode of the 12-episode first season premieres Thursday, May 2 and 10:30 p.m. on MTV, and introduces us to Burnham's character as he makes his choice not to go to college, and pursues his goal of fame and fortune. In the premiere episode, that includes getting to headline a funeral.

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