These days, any series unfortunate enough to go up against The Big Bang Theory and American Idol on Thursday nights probably shouldn't expect high ratings. Zero Hour was no exception to that. Never mind that The Big Bang Theory was a rerun last night. It still broke ten million viewers, trailing behind Idol but still coming in well ahead of Zero Hour and Community. While NBC's Community marches on, ABC is reportedly pulling the plug on newcomer Zero Hour.

The mystery/adventure drama, which stars ER's Anthony Edwards, aired its third episode last night to an audience of about 5 million, which is down from the 6.3 million total viewers that tuned in for the series' premiere last month. Tonight, TVLine is reporting that ABC is canceling the show.

There has yet to be official confirmation that the series is done, but TVLine's source says the show is being pulled from the schedule.

Zero Hour followed paranormal-enthusiast and magazine editor Hank Gallison (Anthony Edwards) as he attempts to find his wife, who is taken under mysterious circumstances. He soon finds himself drawn into a much bigger mystery, which he discovers he may be a part of. The series seemed like the kind of show that could have gotten really good, if given time to develop its plot and characters. But as we mentioned, Thursday night's a competitive night for TV, and 8:00 p.m. is particularly tough, with CBS and Fox both offering highly rated shows during that hour. Still, it's disappointing news for those millions of people who were tuning in.

On the bright side (kind of), Zero Hour still lasted longer than fellow midseason cancellation Do No Harm, which was cancelled by NBC after two episodes.

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