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The Blacklist Season 7 Finale: Liz Made A Shocking Decision And She Might Have Lost Me
How To Get Away With Murder Series Finale Revealed If Annalise Is Dead, And Wow

We know what happened to Annalise Keating, and you won't believe it!

How Roseanne's Death Affected The Conners In The Season 2 Finale

Roseanne is still making an impact on The Conners.

The Strain Loses Another Major Character As It Sets Up An Impossible Decision

The Strain continues to spiral towards its ultimate finale, and this week's massive developments did not go so well for all involved.

The Strain May Have Just Connected Two Major Plot Threads For The Final Season

It looks like The Strain is about to bring two big story threads together, and in a major way. Read on to see our theory.

The Strain Has Unveiled Big Plans For Both Sides

Things are getting particularly tough in The Strain's universe, and we've just been given more insight into just what both sides are up to in these final episodes.

Doctor Who: A Major Character's Fate May Have Just Been Sealed

Warning: Spoilers for tonight's episode, "World and Time Enough," are in play. If you're not current with this week's Doctor Who adventure, please travel safely to another article and come back once you've caught this week's episode.

Doctor Who: We Now Know Who's In The Vault, And It Changes Everything

After weeks of speculation and teasing, we finally know who's in the vault on Doctor Who. Don't wait a minute further, and learn the truth inside.

The Big Way River Song Played Into Doctor Who's Christmas Special

A year after meeting the Twelfth Doctor, River Song still played an important part in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio." Warning: spoilers ahead!

How Season 3 Of The Strain Just Ended

If you haven't seen this week's episode of The Strain, you're not going to want to read this. But if you've just finished watching, and are sitting there as stunned as we are, we should probably talk out the third season's shocking finale.

The Strain: Several Big Shockers Have Left Things Wide Open For The Season 3 Finale

With just one more episode left in season 3, tonight's events on The Strain have set things up for a pretty big finale. Read on to see what's happened, and where it leaves some of the show's central characters.

The Strain: A Huge Secret Finally Comes To Light

While last week's episode of The Strain was an action packed war epic, this week's is more of a regrouping of thoughts and emotions. Read on to get updated with this week's actions.

The Strain's Tremendous Battle Had Some Unforeseen Consequences

Just when you thought The Strain was letting you catch your breath, tonight's episode came down and stole it away once again. Read on to find out the result of the Battle of Central Park!

The Strain: Victory May Be Close At Hand For Our Heroes

We may have just seen humanity stumble upon the formula to success against the Strigoi in The Strain. Will it be enough? Read on and judge for yourself.

The Strain: How Last Week's Shocker Has Changed The Show's Dynamic

A big shake up hit The Strain last week, and this week showed us the fallout of last week's shocking conclusion. The game has changed, and you can read on to see what's going with both the heroes and villains of infected New York.

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