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This week, Release The Snyder Cut author and CinemaBlend Managing Editor Sean O'Connell answers your questions about Zack Snyder's Justice League! You all submitted so many questions, we had to divide this "mailbag" episode into two parts. Part 1 covers questions about additional photography, story speculation and missing details about the Snyder Cut. Keep an eye out next week for "Part 2," which will cover questions about the continuation of the Snyderverse, potential spin-offs, and more.

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  • 01:24 - Is Henry Cavill returning for additional photography?
  • 03:28 - What is Zack most likely shooting during additional photography?
  • 05:30 - "If Snyder could only conclude This Third Movie, do you think the add photography are about scenes that could close the Snyder saga as a Trilogy? in this case we'll also see a real clash with DARKSEID to get the feeling of a more complete closure? wouldn't this part be too small?" - @Andrea24976180
  • 07:12 - "Zack is getting $70mil for his current version of JL. Which is much more expansive than his 214. My question is, how much money do you think his 214 cut needed? Or was it basically done?" - @R2GMAN
  • 08:50 - "Do you think there will be any other surprise characters showing up in ZSJL?" - @superman_fanp
  • 10:08 - "Green lantern in Zack's cut, is it just a small cameo or will he #UNITE THE SEVEN and fight Steppenwolf in the final battle or is he just a conspiracy (if not, what's your screen time estimate for him)plus is it true that manhunter will appear in his [martian] form for a couple of seconds only?" - Ken Kairu
  • 13:45 - "With rumors of Martian Manhunter appearing do you think we’ll see a fight scene between the Justice League and Martian Manhunter like in the Justice League 2011 series that a lot of the DCEU is based off of?" - CHADAM!!!!
  • 14:40 - "As Zod’s body appeared and utilized to create Doomsday in BvS, do you think Zoodsday will play any part in ZSJL?" - @FuryFirestorm
  • 15:33 - "Are we getting the version that was deemed too scary and Zack & Terrio had to do rewrites?" - The Real Husain
  • 17:23 - "What are your theories on the original JL script (scary idea) Zack and Terrio had to rewrite? What do you think it was about?" - @juppiix
  • 19:43 - "Do you think we'll get some kind of prologue/recap type thing at the beginning of episode 1?" - The Real Husain
  • 21:30 - "I know Zack said his JL is it’s own universe but do you think they’ll canonize it given the attention it’s getting?" - @BatKilmer
  • 23:58 - "Zack has stated that Wonder Woman isn't around during the Knightmare timeline, what's your best guess on where she is?" - @Deven_Wagner
  • 25:38 - "If the Snyder Cut ends up being a one and done, which I hope it won't be, how will Superman's story arc continue? If he ends up in the black suit at the end of the film, how will Henry Cavill's Superman solo outings get him back to the red and blue suit?" - @CoreyHobbsEcho
  • 28:00 - "A few months ago, Zack confirmed for @pingpongflix and myself that the film will have Diana and Lois interacting. Considering how Diana clearly (and for obvious reasons) feels for Lo in BvS as Clark dies...how much interaction will you say we'll get, here and throughout the arc?" - @HardBoiledFilms
  • 30:18 - "Based off what Zack said to you back in 2016/2017 at the on set visit vs what he’s spoke to you or what you’ve heard him say. Can you notice any stark differences, even with how he speaks about the movie/show?" - craig o'donnell
  • 31:47 - What are you looking forward to most in Zack Snyder's Justice League?
  • 34:35 - "When do you think the full trailer will be released?" - @mockjaygrimes
  • 35:48 - "When do you think we could learn the release date of ZSJL?" - @DerfelMacGuffin
  • 37:18 - "Do you think we’ll hear most of Hans Zimmer’s scores in ZSJL such as Lex Luthor’s theme and other similar themes used in BVS or should we expect new themes from Junkie XL that isn’t as dark as BVS’s soundtrack?" - RY
  • 38:05 - "Sean do you know if Snyder & the cast will do any press when the Snyder cut gets released on HBO Max or will it just get released?" - Angel cortez